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  1. planomateo

    Best Mexican restaurant with a killer outdoor patio?

    Any ideas?
  2. planomateo

    Landed a bowl game. The Miami Beach Bowl will now be the Frisco Bowl, moving from Florida to Texas after ESPN Events took ownership of the game from the American Athletic Conference. ESPN announced Tuesday that the game will be played in Frisco, Texas, on Dec...
  3. planomateo

    4 DFW area kids in the top 10 of Draft

    Garrett, Thomas, Adams, and Mahones.
  4. planomateo

    Judge Judy for the win.

    Would have never guessed this.
  5. planomateo

    Davis Webb (local kid now Cal QB)

    He put up some impressive numbers the other day.
  6. planomateo

    H-E-B / Central Market news

    They've been acquiring land and now they've bought 6 Sun Fresh Market Stores. Are they finally going to open them up in Dallas? It could be the entrance of H-E-B into the North Texas...
  7. planomateo

    Who's gonna buy a mini NES?

    I'll definitely drop $60 on this...
  8. planomateo

    Drunk guy + Mirror in a store

    Gotta love cameras and social media to capture these special moments.
  9. planomateo

    Heard TAMU might be looking for a new WR coach

    What's that dude thinking tweeting that stuff. Coaches talking about loyalty, funny stuff right there. Leave it to Shaggy to break out the crying jordan...I'm dying over here.
  10. planomateo

    Shame on you Clear Creek ISD

    "Change in forecast" is BS... Houston commuters were urged to stay home early this morning due to flooding. What is the minimum time kids need to be in school so it counts for funding purposes?
  11. planomateo

    McKinney could be getting a Costco

    Hardin / US380.
  12. planomateo

    Jason Garrett after 5 years

    Below is from MMQB "Stats of the Week" section - Jason Garrett has coached the Cowboys for five full seasons, 2011-15. (He took over midway through the 2010 season when Wade Phillips was fired.) In Garrett’s...
  13. planomateo

    Carolina sports having a rough few months

    Alabama beat Clemson Denver beat Carolina Vilanova beat UNC
  14. planomateo

    Frisco hosting NCAA 2016 Division II Men's Basketball tournament 3/23 - 3/26

    Sure, it's division II, but still bringing in people to the area for sporting events. NCAA FCS football championship game, NCAA Div II basketball Elite Eight / Finals. Tickets for $33 for all 7 games (section GA1).
  15. planomateo

    Who you got, Broncos or Panthers?

    Hoping for a good game. Panthers for me, who you got? If the first snap goes over Peyton's head I'm gonna laugh hard.
  16. planomateo

    The Rise of Margo Matrindale

    Texas Monthly (link below) has a story on Margo Martindale, but they've left out the Frisco, TX connection. The Frisco Talk on Facebook provided this additional insight. She's recently been on The Good Wife.
  17. planomateo

    Hateful Eight in 70mm

    Reserved our seats a few days ago and watched it this morning at the Cinemark in Plano off the tollway. What a great movie. Do yourself a favor and watch the movie in this format instead of the digital format. 3 hour movie with a 13 minute intermission for 70mm showings. Really cool write...
  18. planomateo

    Lewisville Dam at risk

    Yikes...a quote from the article. The dam is so unstable now that the Fort Worth District is considering asking Corps headquarters to upgrade its risk classification to the highest: “critically near failure” — that is, “almost certain to fail under normal operations … within a few...
  19. planomateo

    Kyle Allen transferring...not sure what's going on in College Station

    How much longer does Sumlin have?