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  1. bizguy

    OUCH !!!!!

    realize that a large percentage of the increase in taxes due to valuations and to the proposed rate hike will be sent to Austin as part of Robin Hood funding... unless I have my math wrong I am thinking something like 40-45% will be "Robin Hood-ed". My bet is the idiot from fiscal...
  2. bizguy

    How to pay a speeding ticket in Frisco

    i wouldn't expect a response from dee-bag sanders....
  3. bizguy

    Hypocrisy ?

    I voted against the proposition. However, we do need the law updated. How do we go about initiating a new citizen's petition? does anyone know?
  4. bizguy

    Frisco House fires???

    totally legitimate questions. But are you saying it doesn't warrant some investigation?
  5. bizguy

    Happy 13th FOL anniversary pearceg!

    Gonna be your lucky year on FOL....
  6. bizguy

    Frisco House fires???

    meh, I don't think I trust the city with this after the bang up job they have done on the water meter problems...
  7. bizguy

    Frisco House fires???

    I'd love to see some independent stats.... certainly curious I would say...
  8. bizguy

    Rangers, Arlington, starting the dance...

    welcome to capitalism and supply and demand... 80 home games at 50,0000 seats =4M seats available 8 home games at 80,0000 seats = 640k seats available
  9. bizguy

    Rangers, Arlington, starting the dance...

    I would argue that from where I sit there has been precious little economic benefits for the city of Arlington and its citizens. Both billionaire owners profited nicely though.... How long until Six Flags figures out how to use the city to squeeze taxpayers?
  10. bizguy

    Rangers, Arlington, starting the dance...

    kool aid drinker... fundamentally the reason why there is no development around the MLB and NFL stadiums is that people spend their entire entertainment budget inside the facility. As a matter of fact they are designed to do just that so as to benefit the owner. The only way Texas Live gets...
  11. bizguy

    Rangers, Arlington, starting the dance...

    It's how the game is played... poor Rangers... have the 11th oldest facility so obviously the good taxpayers of Arlington should fund half their new stadium to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars...
  12. bizguy

    Annuity Pros and Cons?

    if you done went an' consummated the marriage youse can't get an nnuity... you is stuck with her unless you get the deevorce.. then she takes half yo stuff.... that sounds like bad investment to me...
  13. bizguy

    FFL - 11yr old teams, any suggestions/recommendations?

    yeah, protect your kid from traumatic brain injuries and find a different sport...
  14. bizguy

    History of High School stadium development

    I happen to believe in the EDC / CDC too, but they are giving sweetheart deals out to developers. Piiilot is on to what I have been saying for years now. The EDC is not only reducing up front costs of the developers by subsidizing their buildings, but they also help lease the spaces at what...
  15. bizguy

    FISD hiking tax rate

    that is my impression as well. I was one of those folks who complained that they hadn't been great watchdogs prior to the recession. I believe a highlight of Reedy's legacy is that he changed that culture over his last 5 years as superintendent. In any case, we all knew this day was going...
  16. bizguy

    FISD hiking tax rate

    My main problem with him as that he seemed to have the answer before knowing what the problems were. Don't get me wrong, I don't think any of the candidates were totally dialed in on the funding issues, but at least Anjali and Phil were willing to listen and learn instead of just saying "no new...
  17. bizguy

    FISD hiking tax rate

  18. bizguy

    FISD hiking tax rate

    You have no idea what you are talking about. There maybe some incremental cost in maintenance for small schools, but the vast majority of the costs just follow the students - teachers salaries, supplies, electricity, etc. You might be able to get some economy of scale on the school principal...
  19. bizguy

    Where does the city get their flowers?

    love shades of green!
  20. bizguy

    FISD hiking tax rate