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  1. ashwi

    Doug E Fresh
  2. ashwi

    Cris Collingsworth is so annoying

    His voice is nails on a chalkboard...
  3. ashwi

    What is your wallpaper picture on your phone?

    My kids like messing with me, so I see this when I pick up my phone.
  4. ashwi

    College football and Matthew McConaughey commercials

    I think I have seen 25 of these commercials today.:soapbox: This is old news about his commercials, but Buick won't stop with them. I am about to buy a Buick to make them stop. I love Matthew, but he needs to learn how to not mumble.
  5. ashwi

    Texas Tech

    If they don't win tonight, we can kiss cutie Kliff bye bye. We can get this old fart back...
  6. ashwi

    The Killing

    I watched the last 6 episodes instead of reading James Patterson lame last book. Trust me it is awesome!
  7. ashwi

    10 PM College games

    What the heck? Texas Tech has a game against UTEP at 10 tonight. It is kind of embarrassing.:secret: Let the insults begin.
  8. ashwi

    Jeff Gordon funny...
  9. ashwi

    Y'all can thank me for the rain this summer.

    I paid Andy's Sprinklers a years' worth of college tuition to install drip lines in our flower beds a month ago. Now, I am over watering.:help:
  10. ashwi

    Rock on Elvis
  11. ashwi

    Lebron James letter read by Morgan Freeman
  12. ashwi

    Water moccasin sightings

    in our neighborhood. I can handle wasps, bees, spiders and the occasional rat. Snakes are a full blown freak out for me especially poisonous ones. They better not go into my Koi pond! Can they hurt the fish? What should I do if the go in pond?:help:
  13. ashwi


    Best time in a movie ever when it is all 40ish's women, little girls, and drag queens!
  14. ashwi

    Why do I dislike Tony Romo so much?

    Help me answer this question. I love to blame him for 15 years of crappy years of the Cowboys. Is he an easy target? Or is it displaced anger against Jerry and Steven Jones? Where is Deb when I need her?
  15. ashwi

    Anyone watching Mayweather fight?

    The Argentina singing is annoying.
  16. ashwi

    Redheads are cool again.

  17. ashwi

    Red, red whine..
  18. ashwi

    Julias Randle from Kentucky

    played for Prestonwood Christian Academy.
  19. ashwi

    If you could go back in time and pick a different major in college,

    What would it be? Would it matter? Number one would be Economics which I would have rocked.:unsure: Number two would be Music Appreciation Studies.
  20. ashwi

    Texas Tech lands #2 QB high school prospect.