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  1. Green225

    NTTA Tolls for OOS (Out of State) plates

    No. Do you?
  2. Green225

    Unusual prblem with the interior wall (video)

    Geez Marie, don't you think San Jose is wee bit far away from Frisco - especially for a house call?
  3. Green225

    Roofers are coming!!!

    It was wide spread - as far north as Savannah where I now live and to the south along 121. The Sewell Audi dealership on 121 in McKinney took a huge hit - little notice that hail was approaching so most of their inventory was on the lot when the storm hit.
  4. Green225

    Roofers are coming!!!

    Despite a clearly marked "No Soliciting" sign just above my doorbell, I had 4 press the ringer anyway yesterday. Ring Doorbell came in quite handy in shooing the vermin away.
  5. Green225

    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    Mods deleted several threads. They all had to do with accounting firms in the area and whether or not they had a Jewish influence.
  6. Green225

    Toll Brothers, Darling and Southgate Homes

    In 2006, I bought a newly built Darling Home in Stonebridge Ranch. Bought it based on Darling's reputation. I stayed in it for over 10 years and never had even the slightest problem with it other than replacing the garbage disposal after about 8 years. Solid home and hated to give it up, but I...
  7. Green225

    Dickey's BBQ 423/Stonebrook Closed

    My bad. I thought it was the one at Eldorado and FM 423. And to be truthful, I didn't know there was one at FM 423 and Stonebrook.
  8. Green225

    Dickey's BBQ 423/Stonebrook Closed

    During the expansion of FM 423 at Eldorado, their business was almost nonexistent. It was just too hard to get in and out of that parking lot. I talked to the owner about that one day and he believed that once the construction was completed business would be better than ever. I don't think they...
  9. Green225

    Bird scooters everywhere

    They're an eyesore. If there were some way to control where people just haphazardly drop them to the ground when they're done riding them it might not be so bad. From a recent article: Bird's founder and CEO, Travis VanderZanden, says, "We won't be happy till there are more Birds than cars."...
  10. Green225

    TxDOT to hold 3 public meetings in October

    JJ, your spot on about poor planning on McKinney's part. I looked very closely at buying a home in Tucker Hill 2 - 2 1/2 years ago. I was very close to pulling the trigger, but a couple of nagging facts kept creeping into my mind. First, the already close proximity of Tucker Hill's main entrance...
  11. Green225

    Lawn care

    I should amend my recommendation from above. I used Granulawn strictly for their fertilization program for lawn, bushes, and trees. However, I used CitiTurf to cut my grass. Out of the half dozen or so companies I tried in a 10-12 year period, they were by far the best of the lot. They used...
  12. Green225

    Lawn care

    I used Granulawn when I was living in McKinney. Year in and year out I had the best looking yard on the street. They operate out of Aubrey.
  13. Green225

    Tavolo's is now closed...

    I tried Jet's for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Very good pizza and they do not scrimp on the toppings. For me, a definite cut above most of the other chains in the area.
  14. Green225

    Capitol One Bowl Mania/FOL 2017 Bowl Pick 'Em

    You're welcome and congrats on coming in first! I do not spend a lot of time on FOL anymore as is the case with many others who used to make this forum part of their daily routine. However, I will be sure to check back in come August and set up College Football Pick 'Em, Pigskin Pick 'Em, and...
  15. Green225

    Moving to the Frisco area - is Grayhawk a good neighborhood to buy a house and move the family?

    Agree. The widening of FM 423 to six lanes to the south and all the way to U.S. 380 to the north was completed many, many months ago. Traffic problems at the 423 and Eldorado intersection adjacent to Walmart are nonexistent.
  16. Green225

    Ice and snow late next week

    Looks like they've changed the Christmas weekend weather to just a cold event - no precipitation.
  17. Green225

    Tipping the postman?

    The post office RECEIVES NO TAX DOLLARS for operating expenses... Disposing of your mail - first, second, or third class (ad mail) is not a postal duty/operation. How does the post office get a tax benefit in any way from how you dispose of mail that you perceive to be trash? And how much...
  18. Green225

    Tipping the postman?

    You do realize that none of your tax dollars go to the USPS don't you? The Postal Service receives NO tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.
  19. Green225

    Ice and snow late next week

    Too far out for an accurate forecast for precipitation. It does look like it's going to be extremely cold beginning Thursday night through at least Christmas Day. Lows in the 20s and highs in the upper 30s to low 40s.