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    Sound of Music

    Anyone else watch? I kept my kids up hoping school would be postponed (and the luck was good- ready for Vegas baby). A little disappointed, but the kids loved it. I thought Carrie could sing, but the acting, not so much. Still a little surprised the vampire from True Blood could do both. I'm...
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    Miso Soup

    I love Miso soup at restaurants, but would like to have it on hand at my house for those cold days to come. Anyone know where to buy it? (A friend was telling me that she bought some in the refrigerator section up front in Target on El Dorado a year ago, but that she hasn't found it again. It...
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    I miss Sticky!

    Just saying. Maybe I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. I use to read this site every morning with my cup of Jo, now... it's just not the same. Come back Sticky! I did the same "rain dance" for Deb, maybe it will work for him too. :)
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    sleep problem

    My 6 year old child has been waking up 3 or 4 times throughout the night and is having troubles putting herself back to sleep. This has been occurring for 2 weeks. She has had problems sleeping in the past as well, that lasted over 2 months (the chart approach worked best for breaking the...
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    Your Best Birthday

    What was the most fun that you've had at a birthday party for adults? My 40th is around the corner, so I need to start planning. I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure if they are really going to fly. Also, if it was a large group gathering, where was it held?
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    Award Ceromonies in Elementary School

    Do the kids really even get anything out of it or is it just a photo op for each parent to say my kid is special? Every kid gets an award and over half of the awards seem bogus- I know it's important to have good character, but shouldn't we award it in other everyday ways (verbal praise). I was...
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    best Sprint iphone with camera

    My good Nikon lens broke on me again- third time in 8 years- they are just so delicate- and I am not. I want to upgrade my Andriod phone with Sprint and just be able to carry it around instead of a giant Nikon camera. What's the best camera phone with Sprint that you would recommend?
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    Goood Hamburger/ Steak House for 70th birthday

    My FIL is turning 70 this weekend and I'm looking for a good steak house/good hamburger place to take him and my kids 6&7 to at around 5ish. I know he'll want the kids there so maybe some place not too fancy, but still good.
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    Must have decorations for a party

    So now that my kids are getting older, I've realized that maybe I should have saved some of that dollar store party décor for the following years, but alas it gets thrown out. So I ordered a couple of items from Oriental Trading that I felt would hold up for many parties to come. Such as the 3...
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    What do you say when the kids complain

    Life is unfair? Doing some reasearch on this matter because it's shed it's ugly head in our household for the umpteenth time and my usual method isn't working- Life is unfair, get used to it- more my husbands motto, but I use it with kid gloves.
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    Can anyone recommend a good CPA for taxes?
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    Like if... Another FB thread

    I'm always afraid of hitting the like button when I see pictures of people asking me to "like if...", afraid I might get a virus or something. But I do sometimes pray for some of those pics. Well, I just finished reading an article about how those are basically just scams to get money. Should...
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    water filters

    Do I really need a new water filter for my refridgerator? The light has been on for a while saying that it's time to change it, and okay, it's been on my to do list for a while, but the water tastes just fine. It's not like the gross tasting water that we had this summer. Also doesn't the filter...
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    When FB personilaties are different from their persona

    I have two FB friends that their FB updates and the image that I see of them just don't mesh. One of these friends I actually didn't want to "befriend" because I felt we didn't have anything in common, but due to the circumstances I kind of had to. She's amazing; I'm so glad she's part of my FB...
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    Awards Parties

    Maybe I'm getting older or just more in the know, but I had never really heard about these or ever heard of my friends going to them and throwing them, now I've been invited to three of them. Is this something relatively new? Basically, an occasion to dress up and watch the Awards and drink :)...
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    Allergy Meds

    By allergies are aweful; I'm guessing Mountain Cedar. I'm taking an over the counter CVS brand antihistimine right now; maybe it's time to switch. What's everyone taking? Anything new worth trying?
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    Expandable Breifcase

    Where's the best place to find expandable breifcases? My husband is looking for the biggest one that fits under airplane seats without wheels. My husband goes through them every 2-3 years and they always change them on him. We've had Samsonite (and been to their suppliers over in Grapvine Mills...
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    Would you wear these? Fess up, it's almost Friday :)
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    dog smoking

    so how offensive is this to FOL :) BTW I'm listening to Pandora's Christmas music and enjoying the last views of the snow dusting. Mr. Grinch just came on... he he... how appropriate.
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    Christmas trends

    Does anyone remember those small apple ornaments that use to be so popular- 1980s, (just thought of them from another thread.) I remember giving one to every teacher in my elementary school with their name on it- how creative ;) - back before Pinterest. What other trends do you remember?