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    FC Dallas Coach needs to GO!!!

    Totally agree. Very disappointing.
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    Traveling to London

    I'd love to know about the tickets. Chelsea and West Ham both play at home on the 28th so those are possibilities.
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    Traveling to London

    Dazzor, my young cousin lived there over the summer and suggested that we stay in King's Cross. I found a Holiday Inn there that we can use points on. Would that be a good home base? She said its pretty central. There is also a Holiday Inn in Kensington that is available. I don't need a...
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    Traveling to London

    I did just find a link to tickets that looks a bit like Ticketmaster or Stub Hub. Any chance someone has used this before?
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    Traveling to London

    DH and I will both be turning 40 in January and I'm looking for something fun we could do over the Christmas break while we have childcare here. I've always wanted to go to London and I think it would be great at Christmas time. Our wedding anniversary is December 30th so I'm thinking of...
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    Need an old lawn mower.

    We have a dead Craftsman that I would love someone to pick up. PM me if you're interested.
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    Simply Thai Bistro

    Love it! The people that run it are very nice and the food has always been great.
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    Memphis BBQ

    Totally have to agree with Rendezvous. It's been several years since I've been there but I'd definitely go with the ribs.
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    20/20 or Systematic Home Inspections

    Another vote for Deb with 20/20. Used her last year and were very pleased.
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    MOm group in Frisco?

    Our church has a great mom's group and you don't have to attend Preston Trail to join. We meet once a month on Thursday morning and we also do a monthly mom's night out. Here's a link with more information - Feel free to PM...
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    Simply Thai on Main

    We agree! Please check them out. We've been going at least once a week since they opened. Even my 8 year old loves it.
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    9 ft Christmas Tree

    Pending pick up.
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    9 ft Christmas Tree

    9 ft. pre-lit Christmas tree with 1800 lights. One strand has been out for 2 years but because there are so many lights it wasn't noticeable enough for me to replace. Purchased in 2005. It's a gorgeous tree and I'm only selling because it doesn't fit in my new house. $100 in west Frisco...
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    ISO tickets to the A&M/Missouri game

    Looking for 2 tickets to the A&M/Missouri game on November 24th. Please PM or email
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    Westfalls Village

    Totally agree with you, Griffin. We hope to stay here until our kids are out of school. I forgot to mention one of the other things I love about this neighborhood - the established trees! They are big and it is actually looking like fall.
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    Westfalls Village

    We moved here this summer and love it. My kids are early elementary so there should be a new high school over here before they get that old. It's already projected on the FISD map.
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    Large tonsils?

    We went through this with my now 5 year old when he was 3. His tonsils were so large they almost touched and they interfered with his sleeping more than we realized. We had them out at Baylor Frisco (Dr. Keith Matheny) and he spent 1 night in the hospital. It was a rough week after, but very...
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    Thai restaurant where Nate's Wings use to be

    I went for takeout on Thursday when they opened. Food was good, but not great. I was a little annoyed when I noticed on my receipt they charged me $1 to add carrots to my dish. I've never been charged anywhere else for that. I'll give it another try; will order something different. DD...
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    The Big Bang Theory

    The Adhesive Duck Deficiency is my favorite episode. I love that show!!!
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    reusable bento style boxes for lunch box

    Pottery Barn Kids has them.