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  1. Bull_07

    AT&T and DirecTv

    So I've been using my PC to record TV for a few years now and love it. It has it's quirks, sports recordings are one issue, but for saving money I'm good with it. Of course with Microsoft killing Media Center and I haven't really found any good solid solutions. I've been thinking of doing the...
  2. Bull_07

    Verizon Fios is now Frontier

    So I guess I missed any notices, but it appears Frontier has bought the Verizon markets for California, TX, and Florida I haven't had any issues with Verizon so this move makes me a little nervous. Generally something like this is not done because the new provider wants to provide something...
  3. Bull_07

    Best Ipad repair place

    Got an IPad back from a user and it was dropped. I need to get the screen replaced. Anyone have a good quick place they've used to get this done?
  4. Bull_07

    Where to buy Discount Disney tickets and others

    We are going to Florida for Christmas to visit family. We will definitely be going to Disney and possibly Sea World while we are there. Has anyone purchased discounted tickets online and had no issue?
  5. Bull_07

    Toys R Us now selling meth. Or at least pretend meth

    Come on really. Now I'm usually one that laughs at those that protest what stores can and should sell, but I'm not sure little Timmy needs a Jesse and Walt doll with their own bag of meth and cash. I mean come on. I guess the Halloween hazmat suit will be multi purpose. Little Timmy can wear the...
  6. Bull_07

    Plano traffic management is corrupting Frisco traffic Management

    Was driving to my son's baseball game when I saw the blinking left turn yellow arrow. Sure, seen plenty of those around, but what makes it awesome is the sign next to it. I didn't get it on the picture, the but light has a blinking yellow arrow on it. :champ::champ::champ:
  7. Bull_07

    Late night drinking and cartoon characters.

    I about fell out of my chair from laughing so hard. :lmao:
  8. Bull_07

    Dr. Who starts back tonight

    Just a reminder that Dr. Who is back starting tonight.
  9. Bull_07

    My wife would freaking

    KILL ME if I did anything remotely close to this. Actually, she would kill me, revive me, back over me, heal me, kill me, revive me and continue this for as long as she lived. I don't know what I would do if someone did that to me, but I think I'd need to buy a new tv and a drywall person...
  10. Bull_07

    121/Coit Accident. Full intersection closed.

    Drove through, or more accurately around and they had 121 towards lewisville closed from Independence to Coit, and they had the entire intersection closed at Coit and 121.
  11. Bull_07

    Floating wood floors

    Anyone have floating wood floors? Just curious what a normal float feels like. Is there any areas where the wood dips down and how much is to much?
  12. Bull_07

    Dog beds that don't slip

    We are getting new hard floors this week and would like to get some dog beds for them to sleep on since the carpet will be gone. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations on a dog bed that doesn't slip. It will be for Large elderly golden retrievers. Thank you.
  13. Bull_07

    Floor Hut in Plano off of Custer

    Has anyone used them before? I've got them coming out for a measurement tomorrow and J&H at a later date. I think Floor Hut will come in at $1,500 - $2,000 less than J&H, but looking at reviews I see a mix on Floor Hut and pretty much 5 stars across the board for J&H. trying to figure out...
  14. Bull_07

    Who to call to tear down half wall?

    So we are looking at doing new floors and other things and we are thinking of removing a half wall (more like quarter wall) that separates the family room and kitchen. We're thinking by removing it, it will open up the area and allow for better use of space. I'm sure not sure who I need to...
  15. Bull_07

    USPS Rant, and not just in Frisco

    So I've been selling my father in law's old Boyscout Patch collection on Ebay over the last 6 months and depending on my route to work or picking up the kids dictates which one of the four post offices I'll visit that day. It's amazing that the same package with the same content (size and...
  16. Bull_07

    New trash pickup

    Good news is we were one of the first to transition to the new company, bad news is I think they forgot our neighborhood already. Doesn't bode well for the first service. Sure hope this is just part of the initial jitters and not a sign of things to come. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  17. Bull_07

    Irrigation (Sprinkler) Controllers

    I was thinking that a thread to help people get the best of the every 14 day watering time would be good. I actually have a question for anyone that might know. I picked up a new controller to run the system and it has an interval program. Water once every X days. So if I set this on...
  18. Bull_07

    Revolution - watch or not.

    So from what I understand they left a big cliffhanger on the last episode. Since it's cancelled I'm trying to figure out if I should watch the last 4 episodes I have on DVR, or just delete them because it's not worth it.
  19. Bull_07

    Leveling Yard

    I have a big back yard and doesn't really bother me now, but looking to put a pool in so would like to recapture that part of the yard when I put a pool in. What kind of pain $$ am I looking at? I'll post a picture when I get back to the computer.
  20. Bull_07

    Thank you BigBear As always your awesome

    So I knew that I had to do something with my A/C system and I really didn't want a full replacement just yet. Well, I do, I just don't want to pay for it. I knew I had a small leak and will need to have it filled before the summer got going and up until about a week ago it was sort of...