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  1. Tex-Bex

    Dentist for veneers?

    Wilson Lo at Texas Dental
  2. Tex-Bex

    Looking for dentist who makes crowns in office

    Texas Dental in Plano does, I believe. Dr. Lo is the best!
  3. Tex-Bex

    Christmas light installation recs Great people, great service!
  4. Tex-Bex

    Personal injury attorney recs? In Plano, near old downtown.
  5. Tex-Bex

    ZIP Cash invoices for cars you no longer own

    We take our plates off! We received several red light tickets in the mail on DH's car after he traded it in. It was a big headache to get that straightened out.
  6. Tex-Bex

    New Mega Home Store

    Garden Ridge became At Home. Could that be it?
  7. Tex-Bex

    Need a personal injury attorney

    The Barber Law Firm in Plano.
  8. Tex-Bex

    ☃ Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving Day?

    Capital Grill Cru Wine Bar The Keg
  9. Tex-Bex

    Join Teach and me this Saturday for the Great Pumpkin Explosion

    Sending my kids with grandpa tomorrow! They're catching a movie after - let 'em win the tickets! ;)
  10. Tex-Bex

    Another Texas Ebola case

    I am hoping catching it early will help. Sending healing thoughts to your friend!!!!
  11. Tex-Bex

    Tonight! The Walking Dead!

    So excited!!! I'm calling it my reward for hosting a sleepover for my son's birthday last night. ;)
  12. Tex-Bex

    Restaurant discount of the week - Salata

    This place is the Chipotle of salad bars, and we love it! Thanks for the discount info!
  13. Tex-Bex

    Missing girl from Shops of Legacy

    I saw a tweet about them looking near the lake, but couldn't find any more info. Definitely not a good sign. :(
  14. Tex-Bex

    Big Brother!

  15. Tex-Bex

    Indian Restaurants

    Those of you who enjoy Bawarchi, what do you order there? We tried, twice, to order some items from the appetizer menu, and they have told us they don't have any of those things, with a sweeping gesture over most of the menu. It's as if we are only allowed to order Tikka Masala. We have...
  16. Tex-Bex

    Which Drivers License Office would be better?

    I've had to go twice this year. Both times, I went to Carrollton mid-morning, and it wasn't too bad.
  17. Tex-Bex

    Summer salads

    Costco has bags of little 3-ball packs of mozzarella. They are like little snack packs, but they are great for using just the right amount for a dish, and not having to figure out how to store the rest. :)
  18. Tex-Bex

    Uverse tech support advises me to feed the remotes to my dog

    Unfortunately, fresh batteries do not help.
  19. Tex-Bex

    Uverse tech support advises me to feed the remotes to my dog

    That doesn't sound toxic at all! :O But, thanks for the share. Neither of our uverse remotes can do volume down anymore. I will call for new ones!!
  20. Tex-Bex

    Need GOOD personal injury attorney in Frisco area Local firm owned by good people. :)