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    Unintended consequences - I have virtual cancer

    ...or just search for things like that in an incognito window.
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    AT&T vs. Verizon

    I had T-Mobile back in the day and the signal was terrible. I know that was over 10 years ago, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Also, they don't have near the same amount of LTE coverage unless they've recently changed that.
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    AT&T vs. Verizon

    I've had AT&T since 2007. I get decent signal, but Verizon seems to be better overall. Additionally, I'm paying $190/month (with a 15% discount) for 6 gb of data and two Note 7s on a 30 month plan. I can switch to Verizon and pay $200/month (with a 25% discount) for 12 gb of data and two iPhone...
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    Best place to buy ribs

    And we're getting off topic.
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    Best place to buy ribs

    Were they a full rack, or the ones that each rib is separate (if that explanation makes sense...?)
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    Best place to buy ribs

    The only beef ribs I've been able to find are the ones that each rib is already cut. I never had an issue finding beef ribs until a few months ago...weird that everywhere just stopped selling them.
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    Best place to buy ribs

    Has anyone had any luck finding them? I still can't seem to find a rack of St. Louis cut beef ribs anywhere.
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    Best place to buy ribs

    Yeah, my bad.
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    Best place to buy ribs

    I went to Kroger's today and they barely had any beef ribs, and the one kind they had weren't St. Louis style. I usually just smoke a rack per week or so, just for the wife and me, so I don't need a three pack. Thanks for the replies.
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    Best place to buy ribs

    Wal*Mart quit selling the brand of St. Louis style ribs that I like to buy to smoke. The only thing I can find there or at Market Street now is Smythfield, and I don't like them. For those of you who smoke or bake ribs, what kind do you use and where do you get them?
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    Sprinkler repair referral

    I used Triton Lawn & Irrigation and he did a good job. Off duty firefighter, as well, and he has 4.9 stars on Google. (214) 325-6211
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    plumber on the weekend

    Can anyone recommend a plumber who won't charge an arm and a leg to come out on a Sunday? We just found a huge leak that needs to be repaired ASAP.
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    Restaurant with private room

    Thanks, everyone. Feel free to keep them coming if anyone knows of any more. The further north, the better.
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    Restaurant with private room

    I have a dinner meeting on Monday evening for around ten people. I'm having a hard time remembering restaurants with side/private rooms. Any suggestions?
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    Hutchins BBQ Frisco

    I didn't know they even had a Frisco location.
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    Military question

    Not true. I'm a prior service enlisted infantry Marine and don't have a tattoo.
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    Need Gift Help, Please!

    I haven't seen any Angel Trees yet, and a Google search didn't turn up much. Where's the closest one in the Frisco area? Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread.
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    search function

    Is something wrong with the search function? A month ago, I found a thread using a specific term. I tried to find the thread again using the same term and absolutely nothing comes up.
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    Looking for a couple men to move some furniture Saturday

    I'd be willing to help if I didn't get off at 6 o'clock Saturday morning.