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  1. Linsing

    Veterans Day

    I remember Armistice Day from when I was young, but never really understood what it signified, nor the significance of the date. I appreciate that they changed the name to commemorate all veterans; but it's sad the change was a result of more veterans to commemorate and that the number...
  2. Linsing

    Sticky has left the building LOL

    I'm sure I speak for many on FOL when I say I truly hope you mean to say "hasta luego". Although I haven't been posting here since I left Frisco, I obviously peek in from time to time - and your "rambling posts" are one of the main reasons for that. It was nice of you to give everyone here a...
  3. Linsing

    The FOL Podcast Milk Carton (The 3-day weekend edition)

    Linsing1? :confused:
  4. Linsing

    From Frisco Police Department

    He was probably blaring his horn while cussing out the other driver for cutting him off...
  5. Linsing

    Are you married or single ?

    Duh ;)
  6. Linsing

    Puchased cakes should be moist

    Stein's Bakery
  7. Linsing

    Nine years ago today our house burned

    Due to the quick response of the Frisco Fire Dept. we are still in that house today. I learned that second-degree burns aren't much fun, but I also learned first-hand what the awesome support of a community can accomplish. I remember calling my mom the day after the fire. While talking to her...
  8. Linsing

    Garage Sale 12/22

    Garage Sale Saturday, December 22nd Starting 9:00 am 7090 Maple St. Frisco
  9. Linsing

    Need Neurologist recommendations

    Dr. Geeta Rajan 4601 Old Shepard Place Plano, TX 75093 (972) 867-3535 I've been seeing her for about 11 years now. Love her!
  10. Linsing

    Need a good home for my cat

    Very sweet 6-year-old medium hair male. I've had him since he was 2 mos. old. We're moving overseas and as much as I'd like to take him with us with our travel plans there is no practical way. We would have to board him for several months which is not fair to him - I'd much rather find him...
  11. Linsing

    What are your views on abortion?

    I saw a lot of things when I was a young teen. Many of my views changed as I gained insight and knowledge, and learned the phrase "the big picture". Hypocrisy at its finest. Intentionally or not, you are justifying many instances of the death of a baby as a result of the mother's decision...
  12. Linsing

    Happy Birthday, Texangela!

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. Linsing

    No wonder the idiot had to hire a prostitute!

    Maybe she felt the need to teach him about "inflation".
  14. Linsing

    No wonder the idiot had to hire a prostitute!

    Man Calls Police After Prostitute Raises Price Priceless!! LOL
  15. Linsing

    House Closing, Looking for Extended Stay or Apt.

    We stayed here for a week during our estate sale.
  16. Linsing

    Best migraine treatment

    Inderal worked well for me. eta: mine were caused by a brain injury following a fall through a 12-foot ceiling. My doctor prescribed the Inderal to lower my blood pressure, decreasing the blood flow to my brain. The migraines stopped when the injury healed after 2 years, so I'm not...
  17. Linsing

    This is just cruel....

    Sounds like the neighbor needs to be on the lookout for trespassers...
  18. Linsing

    FOL'ers I miss

    I'm not sure that he needs it but he sure as hell deserves it!! :)
  19. Linsing

    FOL'ers I miss

    Oh I'm still here, Sticky. I read FOL daily, and I've actually composed several posts. But, I haven't smoked a cigarette or had a cup of coffee in 5 weeks, and I've discovered that nicotine withdrawal, hot flashes and FOL do not mix well so most of them haven't made it past Notepad... ;)
  20. Linsing

    Mass shooting at Batman movie, 13 dead

    Apparently all it would've taken is one visit...