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  1. van

    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    National politics was the one forum that was keeping this site alive. Not sure the direction you are wanting to go in, but pissing off the only remaining members, seems an odd way to go about any successful change . Best of luck
  2. van

    The NFL...

    THIS. I only went because the hubs was a huge Packers fan. Coming from watching rugby I find football painfully slow. Constant stopping. Watching live is just so loud and over hyped.
  3. van

    Happy Thanksgving folks

    I know everyone is about to get into the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, through Christmas. Take some time to love on your family and friends. They really are what it’s all about . Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and blessed Christmas season
  4. van

    PSA - If you are eligible for the Shingles vaccine - get it

    I’ve had several friend had it and they say the same. Not something you expect in your early 40s
  5. van

    Driving to Vegas

    I think it might be too early to tell. We did it once, I will say, horribly boring drive. Not recommended
  6. van

    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Thank you guys
  7. van

    Halloween Trick or Treating

    It does always crack me up. I think with it on a Wednesday, this year is a given. But don’t come by before dark
  8. van

    Does anyone recognize this dog?

    Yep. They had the owner drop off a blank check at shelter, and waited for them to leave before taking dog in. Claimed their kids were going to be upset. Wasn’t the right thing to do. Completely messed up situation.
  9. van

    Does anyone recognize this dog?

    Glad to see they got their dog back. Shocked that the people that adopted him asked for the $1000 reward before returning him. Hopefully the boarding guy will step up and pay this family their money back
  10. van

    ELO tickets free

    I have 2 tickets to ELO tonight at AAC at 8pm. Section 208, row F, seats 13 and 14. I bought these for my husband for his Valentine’s Day gift, but we won’t be going. I can transfer them electronically, just text me at 469-396-6675
  11. van

    School year starting so early!!!

    I’m okay with them starting early. Heck, my kid is in band camp 10-12 hrs a day already, so the heat really isn’t a concern. The earlier they start, they earlier they end. Getting to go on vacation by June 1st saves a lot on travel expenses
  12. van

    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Yes, the biggest Packers fan you’ll ever meet. We used to go to Stans, so I’m sure it was him
  13. van

    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Thank you guys. He was my entire world. He lived life to the fullest every single day!
  14. van

    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Thank you everyone. He was truly, the best person I have ever had the privilege to know
  15. van

    Review of Crab King

    That's too bad. We liked GB patio in summer. But service was always slow Henrys have a HUGE younger crowd following. Food and service are great, live music etc. Although everytime we go, we realise we are the oldest people there
  16. van

    Review of Crab King

    Found another gem last night at Legacy West. Haywire. Texas themed bar/ restaurant/ lounge. The upstairs is HUGE. We had great service and appetizers. Check that one out for sure
  17. van

    Review of Crab King

    GOOD TO BE SEEN! Wait, that doesn’t sound right...... We try new places a lot, the choices right now are endless! We’ll test the waters with appetizers, and go from there. From the new places at The Star, Legacy West, 121 and tollway, You’ve got to wow me to come back. Sushi Marquee...
  18. van

    Review of Crab King

    Our fav find this week was Crush Taco on the frontage, tollway and eldorado. We got a variety of brisket, cornflake crusted shrimp, blackened fish, corn, chorizo loaded fries. HUGE hit with entire family! My other fav taco place is Taco Ocho, legacy and Warren. For some great calamari, try...
  19. van

    How can I thank parents for doing a fantastic job?

    Ummmmmm, if you don’t have kids, then whose baby are you breastfeeding if your other thread?