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  1. jenjd

    Whole Foods in Frisco

    Sadly, I think the developer has gone belly up and nobody has been able/bought up the location as of least where it was going to be
  2. jenjd

    Decent summer tv

    I forgot to mention The Last Ship! That's one we watch too. I've never gotten into Under the Dome and didn't really attempt Falling Skies, though it looks intriguing as I wait for Last Ship. Guilty pleasure - Project Runway........can't wait for fall tv.
  3. jenjd

    Decent summer tv

    OK- so besides suits for good summer TV, what does everyone think of Tyrant and Extant? We have been intrigued by both.
  4. jenjd

    Trash Pickup Missed

    We called the city, the trash company - three in all and still the stinky trash and old cans are in the alley, smells and flies and filth. Our trash company in the north was fantastic! And yes, they even got out of their truck! Some of my neighbor's trash has been there for months.
  5. jenjd

    $4 Water

    Ha! Reminded of the words of JCM "I fight authority, authority always wins...." It's probably my theme song, but lately I haven't been grinning.
  6. jenjd

    Game of Thrones

    began watching out of curiosity. loved it. the read all the books. spoiler alert - winter is still not really here yet..............
  7. jenjd

    $4 Water

    I think I won't, but I will call the venue and complain. What good it will do, I do not know. But at least I can direct my angst to those at fault.......
  8. jenjd

    Since three pm yesterday...

    Sounds like so much fun! Miss those days terribly! Can I come over?
  9. jenjd

    $4 Water

    No offense to those who partake. Wondering what I should do about the water thing........
  10. jenjd

    $4 Water

    Just wondering how talk of $4 water with no way to fill up free refills and the crappy food at Toyota Stadium has turned into a conversation about drugs. Of course there will be drugs at an event like this, especially in an outside unmonitored venue, but getting back to the point I find it hard...
  11. jenjd

    $4 Water

    So we went to Edgefest yesterday and it was pretty awesome. But I'm really miffed that the stadium charged $4 for water, took our lids, and turned off all the drinking fountains. Don't they make enough money off the initial bottle of water and the crappy food? That part was really...
  12. jenjd

    Real Family Restaurant

    Ok, so two brothers is gone, as is apparently Lemon Bar. Coming from up north, we have lots of small business, single owned family restaurants with basic american fare, great prices, free soup with every sandwich and no bar. I appreciate the need for a "sports bar", but enough already! I...
  13. jenjd

    New Building by Tilt-a-Kilt???

    weird building I'm thinking it's going to be some hotel......
  14. jenjd

    Lshs senior booster garage sale

    The Lone Star High School Annual Senior Booster Garage Sale benefiting this year's senior class will be held this Saturday, October 12th at Lone Star High School in the parking lot from 8 am to 1 pm. Any items not sold will be donated to Frisco Family Services.
  15. jenjd

    Lshs senior booster garage sale

    The Lone Star High School Class of 2014 Senior Boosters will be hosting our annual Garage Sale to benefit senior class activities on Saturday, October 12th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the parking lot of the school. If you would like to donate items for this event, please drop them off after...
  16. jenjd

    family is coming soon... need suggestions

    I have to say since moving here I have been really surprised at the choices you find in Plano. older community with a lot of options. With my out of towner, I found Bavarian Grill and Black Forest Bakery. As you can tell it was a must have German thing and both were good. Do a generic search...
  17. jenjd

    Why do I get these bugs in my kitchen? What is it?

    There are different bugs that are formally called collembola, or drain flies. They are as tiny as a coffee ground and usually come up thru drains in the bathroom or along pipes from outside. If you have these, they are just a pain in the butt and go away as the weather dries up. I HATE...
  18. jenjd


    Where is the best place to watch fireworks here in town that does not take more than an hour to exit? I know this was asked before, but being new to the area I missed them last year. I really don't want to go to the stadium, but I'm not sure if going to the Main Event or Wakeland parking lot...
  19. jenjd

    Advice on places to eat in Chicago

    Stay away from eating on the pier. Those places are not really great and really expensive. Try pizza at Unos, Dues, or Ginos East. Try Portillos because they are great. But you probably won't get a bad meal anywhere in Chitown! Used to live there and REALLY miss the food!!!!!!!!!!
  20. jenjd

    Whole Foods,Trader Joes,Central Market....

    I think we need a Dean and Deluca. I'm definitely not rich, but for a treat, it's incredible. The bakery and specialty items are great too. There's one in Leawood, KS and I can't believe it's the only spot outside of New York and CA. We do need a Central Market too! Sprouts is nice, but...