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  1. Chris1771

    Bird scooters everywhere

    Seeing these all over the place. And apparently they can’t be ridden on sidewalks at all, nor roads with a speed limit higher than 35. What’s the point of these?
  2. Chris1771

    Winter weather predictions

    With all of this rain it has me wondering what our winter will look like. I personally wouldn’t mind a cold, wet, snowy winter. Saw some stuff a few months ago that it might be exactly that, but haven’t heard anything lately. Any predictions?
  3. Chris1771

    Main / Legacy intersection

    Better? Worse? What do you think ?
  4. Chris1771

    Looking for parents with kids who attend or attended Legacy Christian Academy

    I am considering enrolling my 5 year old at LCA and would like to speak with parents who have/had kids attend the school. Please shoot me a PM if you are willing to share your experience. TIA!
  5. Chris1771

    Party Bus Recommendation

    I am looking for suggestions on a Party bus rental company for 25-30 people. Who have you used and how was the experience? Thanks in advance!
  6. Chris1771

    Looking for moving boxes

    I will be moving in early February and looking for moving boxes. If you have any, please PM me and we can arrange a time for me to pickup. Thanks!
  7. Chris1771

    Mortgage Lender for Pre-approval

    I am looking to buy a house in early spring and want to get pre-approved. Can you recommend a good mortgage lender? Thanks in advance!
  8. Chris1771

    Name that tune

    Watch and listen to this video from one of the greatest films ever...many will remember it from their teen years. Who sang this song originally and what was the title? Hint - TCM need not apply.
  9. Chris1771

    Mets second baseman ripped by New York radio hosts for taking paternity leave

    Player takes the allowed 3 day paternity leave to spend with wife and newborn child. Radio host proceeds to be a jerk by arguing player should have been there for the birth, then left. This is irritating. I still remember my daughter's first few days very well and wouldn't give it up for any...
  10. Chris1771

    Not bad for 2 months of work

    I need a new job. Robert D. Marcus didn?t want to sell Time Warner Cable when he took over as chief executive in January. Better, he told shareholders, to continue as a standalone company than merge with a...
  11. Chris1771

    Under the milky way

    Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty Sound of their breath fades with the light I think about the loveless fascination Under the Milky Way tonight
  12. Chris1771

    Good for Trader Joes

    "It (Portland African American Leadership Forum) sent the city a letter saying it would "remain opposed to any development in N/NE Portland that does not primarily benefit the Black community." It said the grocery-store development would "increase the desirability of the neighborhood," for...
  13. Chris1771

    New development in Frisco - Wade Park

    Hey look, it's going to be what Frisco square should have been... The Southeast corner of the Dallas North Tollway and Lebanon...
  14. Chris1771

    AJ McCarron's mom

    Not sure how I feel about this...I get why people might see this as a racist comment, but then again if she said it and Jameis Winston had been "white" would things be different? Is this how college educated people speak? Really? :poke...
  15. Chris1771

    Breaking news from NBCDFW... :sheep:
  16. Chris1771

    Fence post next to gate is coming out of the ground!

    Hi all, We have a fence post that has worked its way out of the ground and its the one next to our fence gate. Because of this the gate does not close correctly and we've had to get "creative" with twine and such to keep the post straight and the fence closed. Who do you recommend to fix...
  17. Chris1771

    iPhone 5 Screen replacement

    Where can I get my iPhone 5 glass screen replaced? And how much does it run?
  18. Chris1771

    In need of 9mm ammo for range

    Hey all, I have a Gen4 Glock arriving early this week and a I'm taking the Pistol 1 class over at Eaggle Gun Range on Thursday. Problem is the ammo...I don't have any. I've been to 2 Academys, 2 Walmarts, and BassPro so far without luck. I will keep trying this week...
  19. Chris1771

    All My Babies' Mamas W...T...F... :blink:
  20. Chris1771

    Girl, 8, accused of stealing packages from neighbors' doorsteps

    Kids..... :blink:,0,6853658.story