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  1. Chris1771

    California gets something right!

    Hope this spreads Then there is this idiot....
  2. Chris1771

    Main / Legacy intersection

    Better? Worse? What do you think ?
  3. Chris1771

    Papa John's drops after report alleges chairman used racial slur

    Remember when it was the NFL protests hurting Papa Johns business? Kind of ironic, eh? Oops. Papa John's drops after report alleges chairman used racial slur
  4. Chris1771

    Trumps legal team is made up of morons

    Why would they say this? Why even mention it? To intimidate? If you haven't even been subpoenaed in the investigation why send a letter with this kind of language? It definitely looks bad. Pardon himself? What a bunch of morons...
  5. Chris1771

    FISD Student Walkout Violence

    More great publicity for Frisco. This guy was obviously looking for trouble the way he approached this group of kids/protesters. Call the police to complain about noise...let them handle it. But I don't think that's what he had a gripe with. Watch: Fight breaks out between irate Frisco...
  6. Chris1771

    John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster as White House national security adviser, Trump says

    Gotta give Trump props. This is adult-ish. John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster as White House national security adviser, Trump says
  7. Chris1771

    ICE removal key goal of Democrats in 2020 election

    If true, this will be one of the factors that help the GOP win in 2020. You would think to enforce immigration laws, you might actually need a group that...enforces immigration laws. I think discussions around their procedures would be fair, but I believe elimination would be a mistake. We...
  8. Chris1771

    Trump slams Bannon after criticism, says ex-chief strategist 'lost his mind'

    Grab your popcorn people! B FIGHT! :popcorn:
  9. Chris1771

    More Russian ties in the Trump Administration

    These sure do seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately. Seems fishy at the very least. :popcorn: I wonder who will be the first one to complain about leaks.
  10. Chris1771

    Jim Brown on Kaepernik

    He makes way too much sense. Spot on. :champ:
  11. Chris1771

    Trump asked Comey to shut down Flynn probe: source

    Oh boy...more entertaining every day! ;popcorn:
  12. Chris1771

    Blind loyalty is un-American

    Amen. Great article. :clap:
  13. Chris1771

    Flynn in talks to testify in Trump-Russia probe if assured of immunity

    Ruh-roh. That doesn't sound good...considering Flynn had this to say about immunity late last year when former Clinton aides testified regarding the Clinton email server, in exchange for immunity: :popcorn:
  14. Chris1771

    Trump publicly threatening members of his own party

    The R's do not seem to be off to a good start. Repeal and replace failed and now Trump is threatening to fight the Freedom Caucus, members of his own party, in 2018. Nevermind that they are really the minority in the GOP that are sticking to what they promised voters and not going along with...
  15. Chris1771

    GOP leaders delay ObamaCare replacement vote, amid opposition

    The Republicans shot themselves in the foot with this one. It makes no sense to create an artificial deadline for yourself and draw attention from the media, when you don't have the votes to pass the bill. Why not work out all of the details behind closed doors, outside of the eye of the media...
  16. Chris1771

    Trump assails U.S. intelligence agencies over Russian dossier

    "President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday that U.S. intelligence agencies might have leaked a dossier of what he called "fake news" about how Russia had tried to sway his actions, saying the allegations were false." Why make these kind of accusations without any facts? Isn't that what...
  17. Chris1771

    Irony: Trump announces Perry as pick for energy secretary

    Worth a chuckle... :laugh:
  18. Chris1771

    This is Breitbart

    Read this list of drivel and tell me you support this site. Go on.
  19. Chris1771

    What will replace ObamaCare?

    I am all for another solution to replace Obamacare. But something has to replace it, and I don't believe we should blindly repeal before an answer is in place. I have heard absolutely no concrete plan on replacing Obamacare - only the marketing spin that it will be repealed. So what replaces...