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    Durkins Pizza

    My favorite pizza place ever. We have girls night there at least once a month and on many occasions Durkin is there and will stop and chat. Great guy. Great business.
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    Flooring Contractor for Tile Installation

    I bought my tile from Seconds and Surplus in Richardson and had it installed by Texas Tony. Couldn't be happier with his work and the price!
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    dental cleaning

    One of my two just got their teeth cleaned last week. Excellent preop and anesthesia usage along with pain control. Dr. Lopez at Phillips Creek. $300. I looked into TCAP but I personally wasn't comfortable with rolling the dice with whoever was working that day and knowing nothing about them or...
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    Collin county cad

    Is it like jury duty where hey give you a day and if you can't make it work (have 2.5 weeks I'll be out of town on vacation in June) then you can reschedule? New to this process.
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    Collin county cad

    I started reviewing other appraisals in my neighborhood to gather info for my protest and was surprised to see that maybe 20% of the 100-150 I looked at did not have the exemption. Seems awfully high.
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    Collin county cad

    Preliminary value shown on DCAD is up 18.9% from last year. Why post that if it's going to be capped at 10%? To give me a heart attack?
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    Summer's coming!!!!

    Teacher's sanity will return!
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    Help me understand

    If you have the option, go with Grande. They are amazing. I have the lowest level of Internet (it's insanely low, like 3mbps) for $32/mo but that is more than enough to run Netflix or Hulu. It does lag or stall if I'm on my laptop at the same time during peak hours but I have had minimal issues...
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    Happy guy who walks down West Eldorado

    One of my favorite things ever when I see him on my drive home! Totally makes my day.
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    My lawn looks like crap!

    Granulawn is amazing. The yard was awful when I bought my house and their program gave me the best lawn on the block within 6 months. I did have quite a few weeds that popped through this winter even with their pre-emergent but all I had to do was call and ask them to reapply and they come out...
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    Kitchen cabinet painting

    Texas Tony (he's an FOL member) did my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Great guy and great work.
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    Same as many above. I have a French door Whirlpool with the drawer above the freezer on bottom. I use my drawer for fruits and veggies but I like the idea using it for drinks! I don't use my freezer for much other than meat and the occasional ice cream treat but the design does limit some...
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    AC systems - how long do they last?/

    Mine did this a couple years ago. Had to call my AC guy out for the same reason. Wouldn't stay on longer than 5 mins. Once the initial clog was cleared he suggested pouring a little bleach down the drainage pipe (about 1/4c) every month or so to bust up any sludge that could be forming. Have a...
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    Colocteral Cancer - tell me what you know, what I should know

    My mom was diagnosed at age 50. I was away at college so she hid it all from me until after her surgery so I'm not exactly sure what stage hers was but it had to have been low. I believe they removed 6-10 inches of colon but she did not require any other intervention; colostomy, chemo or...
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    Boarding a cat

    I can only make the recommendation off of what I saw but Phillips Creek vet had a very nice cat room that was very open set off to the side of their waiting room. I haven't actually used it for my felines but I was very impressed with the set up and cleanliness. The staff and vet are amazing too!