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    Need recs for Endocrinologist and/or Immunologist for Hashi's and hives

    My daughter has Hashi's and Type 1 Diabetes and sees Heidi Shea at Endocrine Associates of Dallas in their Plano office. We have been there for years and are very pleased.
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    White Rock Lake drive time?

    Ohio/121 area.
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    White Rock Lake drive time?

    I have to be at a hospital in the White Rock Lake area for a meeting that starts at 8am on a Monday. I know it's going to be a brutal drive, but how much time should I allow for the drive?
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    Looking for GI or colorectal doctor for colonoscopy

    We use Dr. Rassa Shahidzadeh. His main office is Baylor Plano, but offices at Baylor Frisco on Monday afternoons. We have been very pleased with this doc. 4 years ago saved husband's life after an esophageal blockage in the middle of the night, and son sees him for Barrett's Esophagus and IBS...
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    Graduate early, at your own pace HS.

    WillowBend Academy in Plano is self-paced, although they do require a minimum number of tests to be taken each month to graduate somewhat on time. The faster you complete the work/tests, the faster you are done with high school. All 3 of my kids attended WillowBend and my oldest graduated over...
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    What happened to Delbert of Cool Breeze?

    I won't use anyone but Diel at Big Bear. He has serviced our units many times throughout the years and has been very honest and up front each time. A few times he hasn't even charged us at all! He treats his customers right. Sounds like you might be hard to please and would do better with...
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    2015 Appraisal has arrived . . . .

    Ours went up 10% again. Says market value for our home is over 400k. Yeah, don't think it would sell for that much in our neighborhood.
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    RoomsToGo SuperCenter now open

    My son works at the new RTG Supercenter. I was there on Sunday and the store was packed and he was so busy he was exhausted when he got home. Yes, NFM is a great place, just like IKEA. However, the novelty will wear off eventually and all the stores around will experience more people/spending...
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    Cold Day Comfort Food...

    Hubby and I both working from home today.Older son is supposed to work, but I don't hear him moving around so probably got the call to stay home. Other 2 in bed since college is closed. I just made sub sandwiches in the oven for lunch and have sausage and red beans in the crockpot for dinner.
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    RX costs OMG

    Try buying insulin for your type 1 teen. Deductible not met, so 4 bottles for the month is almost $1000. Not something we can do without.
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    Frisco parents unhappy about name of new HS

    I was told last week they are thinking of calling the new high school Lebanon Community High School because Liberty High Schools initials are LHS and they can't have 2 schools with the same initials, hence adding Community to Lebanon HS.
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    Cigna healthcare?

    Also Cigna never wants to cover MRI/CT scans. Always end up spending forever on the phone only to have the dr have to do peer to peer and they still deny.
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    Cigna healthcare?

    I work in a medical office and we see a lot of people with Cigna. I do the billing/insurance payments and out of all of the major insurance companies, Cigna pays the slowest (about on par with how slow Medicare pays).
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    Nail Salons

    Lan at Signature Nails at Legacy/Lebanon does beautiful nails...lot of intricate work.
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    I have to give another local company review (J&H Family Flooring)

    We used J&H in June to remove carpet/tile from the downstairs and replace with wood, then all new carpet upstairs. We also wanted all wood on the stairs, but went with John's suggestion to do wood on the riser and carpet the step. They were here for a week and we were very impressed...