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    Need installer for pool spouts (scuppers)

    Having a hard time finding someone to do this work. We've got 3 fountain spouts pouring into our pool. They are made of 3/4" PVC, but we'd like to have these metal scuppers installed which appears to require a male screw in (metal) piece, and would need to be inset a bit into the tile instead...
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    My recommendations for house painter, fence stain co., and general yard maint. - If someone is looking..

    Had great experiences with these 3 recently, 2 of the 3 if got from these forums. Thought i would share as sometimes it's hard to find someone you trust. - House painter: Dave MacMeeken @ Southern Painting | 469-585-0790 | | | Did a great job...
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    Iron Door install and other interior work

    Looking for recommendations for 2 projects. 1. Removal of single wood door and side lights and replace with french iron/glass door. Need someone who can install. 2. Removal of an interior wall which will include fixing trim and an interior post to match, a little tile work, drywall work and...
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    Paint removal from brick - contractor needed

    Need to find a contractor that can take off a few exterior shutters (couple on 2nd story) and remove some brown exterior paint from my brick.. Unfortunately the previous home owner decided to repaint the shutters and the brick as well :dunce:. Recommendations?? Thanks!!
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    ISO Contractor

    Got a couple projects I'm considering. Looking for a contractor to give a bid. 1. Installation of double hung iron doors where a single hung currently exists. Will require some masonry work but the opening is there to make this work. 2. Interior project that will require some drywall...
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    Sprinkler repair

    Anyone have a recommendation for sprinkler repair. I've got a leaky underground sprinkler valve and I'm failing miserably at fixing it myself :). thanks!
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    permit for concrete slab

    considering putting in a slab to install a basketball goal. Do I need a permit?
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    Concrete driveway extension

    Hey folks, any recommendations on contractors for an extension I'm considering... We've got a driveway in the rear of the house, our side lot is fenced in and I'd like to extend the driveway into that side lot for extra parking, basketball goal, area for kids to ride scooters, etc. Pad would be...
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    Tile floor refinisher

    Hi, anyone out there have any recommendations on floor refinisher companies? Our downstairs has travertine tile that we'd like refinished. Any recommendations whould be appreciated!
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    Sod, dirt and mulch

    Anyone got some good recommendations... I'm in need of getting a few pallets of sod brought in and installed, as well as having a few yards of mulch and dirt hauled in.
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    Need buttons made

    Getting buttons made I thought for sure someone out there had a button maker... for a school band or something??
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    Need buttons made

    Anyone know where i can get some pin back buttons made, maybe 50 to 70 of them? About 1.75inches across. Thanks!
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    MacBook Air for Sale - $600 SOLD

    MacBook Air, great condition. Cash only please, first to pay gets it. IM if interested. 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor; 6MB shared level 2 cache 2GB DDR3 SDRAM 120GB 4200 Rpm hard drive 13.3 inch (diagonal) LED backlit widescreen display NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics processor...
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    Help fixing a firewire connection

    Ive got an external hard drive and the firewire connection broke off and i can hear it rattling around inside the casing. Anyone know who can fix this? Im guessing they will have to re-solder the connection. Thanks!