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    Need help

    My husband is very handy. He has worked in drywall / construction for 25 years. If you want him to look at the job and give you a quote just text me at 214-695-2210. Terri
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    Xpress Cheer Class Tonight

    it has been going on for WwwAAYYYYYY more than 2 years. I have friends from Xpress from back to 2009.....
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    Ritualized Moment of Silence in High Schools

    actually mandated by the state and it is 60 seconds. at my school it is timed and we are asked to sit down after the moment of silence. I LOVE IT and I do say a prayer during that time.
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    COACH purses, wallets, wrislet

    I have downsized to a smaller purse and have some great COACH items in my closet that need a new home. These were all purchased new at at COACH retail store, not factory/outlet items. Purses all include dust bag in which they have been stored. Feel free to phone or text me at 214-695-2210...
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    4 FC Dallas Tickets.....great price...last regular season game

    Saturday, October 15th, 7:30 @ Pizza Hut Park FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC Section 104, row 5 Seats 21-18 Seat 21 is an end seat next to the section where in seat food & beverage service is offered Face value si $45/per ticket. Will sell all 4 for $100 email me at...
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    Virtual Garage Sale - 3 COACH purses, 1 COACH wallter

    Prices Dropped Chest - $25 COACH purses reduced by $25 for one
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    Virtual Garage Sale - 3 COACH purses, 1 COACH wallter

    All COACH items were purchased at full price COACH stores. I don't always check my PMs of FOL, so please email or text me if you would like to see or have more information on any of the items. or 214-695-2210 FYI....there is a trick to determine if the bag is an...
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    COACH $100 off card from mailer--want it????

    Have a COACH card that is worth $100 off of a $300 purchase. Valid only at COACH retail stores and not valid at outlet stores. I am not going to use it. So anyone want it? Great to get a jump on holiday shopping ..... Expiration date is 10/2/11 Will trade for any amount gift card to...
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    Photo Scavenger Hunt @ Stonebriar Mall

    not a good idea....not encouraged all by the mall or the stores within the mall. I worked at COACH and that was always on the list and we had to tell the kids, no pictures and we did not participate. The kids always left with sad faces. It hurts business due to so many entering the store and...
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    Language of the Day Spoken at Christie

    Is Christie still the only Bilingual campus in Frisco ISD? If so, kinda makes sense.....I work on a Bilingual campus in another district and it is a huge mixture of English and Spanish and to be honest I have really picked up some good conversational Spanish in the 2 years I have been there...
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    Extra tickets to FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders

    Section 104 Row 5 Seats 19 & 18 Face value $45 each.....selling for $70 OR BEST OFFER call or text Terri @ 214.695.2210
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    Need to have a garage sale....LET ME DO THE WORK

    I would definitely come to the house of the person wanting the garage sale. I have done this for a couple of folks and the commission varies depending on how much the seller wants to be involved, so that is negotiable. Thanks for the feedback.....always appreciated!
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    FC Dallas

    4 tickets for tonights game at 6pm at Pizza Hut Park On the west side, so not sitting in sun....just behind visitors bench.....willing to sell cheap since we can't make the game tonight. Face value is $45 reasonable offer refused. Send me a private message or text at...
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    where to buy rolling backpack for 1st grader???

    make sure your school allows them.....many ban rolling backpacks...especially for the younger kids