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    Where is the lively conversation that FOL used to have?

    Those were great times on FOL! New topics & replies flying around every few seconds. Now it’s only the Politics forum that is active. Gone are the Talk About Town general interest topics. And the happy hours. (The new owners are wonderful people - I’ll vouch for them. Give them some time. I...
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    Sticky has left the building LOL

    It's been fun - but it's time to move on and retire the Sticky user name. Taking a break from FOL for private reasons - please don't press. (Though, I thought I would be courteous enough to say adios to my friends - and give you some forwarding contact information.) I (or someone from our...
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    My wife sent this to me, lol - I love her so much!

    I actually agree with the article. And seriously - I may be a very late bloomer - I often have more in common with my 20 year-old son and his friends when it comes to humor, misbehavior and just random thoughts/conversations/dreams/aspirations - and what constitutes fun during my leisure time...
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    April fools day

    Create a higher post count - before we get spammed?
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    I can't wait until middle school starts again. It's either that - or Toolie needs to get assigned a new project at work to keep him busy ;)
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    Bobs in Plano or Dallas or Capital Grille?

    +1. You are a mom with both class and a good heart.
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    Huge fire in Starwood

    Rosanne and Von Best (President of Boys & Girls Clubs and owners of Frisco Bar) live across the street from the family and are coordinating donations. The retired couple, very active as volunteers in Frisco and in our neighborhood, have a grown son and grandchildren in Plano - and are being...
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    House fire shaddock creek estates last night?

    No offense friscokatie - but we should all stop making assumptions. I only know this family by sight at church - but they may have some children over 18.
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    House fire shaddock creek estates last night?

    John Hamilton is spearheading the donations. He can be reached at: 9845 Buckhorn Drive (main & teel area) Frisco TX 75033 972-672-0217 - cell/texts *or I can pick up your restaurant gift cards and drop them off at John's house.
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    Getting rid of a wasp nest...

    Super, super easy. Buy wasp spray can with a foam spray that shoots at least 8 feet. Go out in the cool of the morning - or the cool of the evening - when they're less active. Douse it for 2-3 seconds, then run around the side of you house and go back in through a different door. Come back...
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    House fire shaddock creek estates last night?

    I personally don't know the exact details - and I don't plan to ask. They're sorting it out with the insurance company as to exactly what went down that night. None of my business. Let's not assume their culpability. We can't watch our kids 24/7 and we don't know how much knowledge the...
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    House fire shaddock creek estates last night?

    Please pray for this family - this is an awful thing for anyone to go through. They are active volunteers in our church - and are a really nice family. They will be living in a Residence Inn for several months until they can find a temporary home or rebuild their house. They are basically...
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    Bobs in Plano or Dallas or Capital Grille?

    You really can't go wrong with any of the places listed. Very minute, minute differences in steaks. And no matter how much you research the places - anyone of them can have an off night anyway - so your research is almost meaningless. (Do send the steak back if it's not perfect - these places...
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    What is the deal with restaurant servers?

    Still all out of "thanks". I appreciate all the thoughtful replies and input. Good stuff! But. I think AngelaN hits it on the head - most businesses see customer service (and training) as just an EXPENSE to be minimized - and not as an INVESTMENT. I haven't worked in the restaurant...
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    family is coming soon... need suggestions

    6th Floor museum also (if you go to Perot or MOMA so you're in the area). Ride the McKinney Trolley. Go to Reunion Tower to see a good view. (Or I often will sit on the pool level of the "W" on a nice summer night with a drink. (Technically for guests or their condo owners - but I just act...