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    Dead Rat in our Wall

    I'm sure the rat smell is gone by now. Now it just smells like SPAM in here...
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    I'm fairly sure I could have done what they have done by myself and one dull shovel...
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    Baseball hitting lessons/coaching for 13 yr old

    To answer the actual question, around the soccer stadium are several places. D-BAT, Diamond Kings, and Past Time. All offer lessons and camps. Additionally, some of the high schools will offer camps during the summer. Check those out as well.
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    Need a good fencing company

    Come on Bro. Just because they revived an almost 6 year old thread with their fist post doesn't mean it 100% spam... Maybe 99.999%. :spam::spam::spam::spam::spam:
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    2017 Special Election: City Council Place 1 - Early Voting starts next Wednesday

    First cull of candidates was the answer to a potential city funded arts center...
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    Garage door repair

    +1 for Tommy!
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    Need a recommendation for a plumber

    Steve with GPS Plumbing. 469-777-0217.
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    Good Lord!

    What is up with all the spam? Pages and pages and pagers... :spam:
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    Clothing deal

    No. There was a spam post. Now it's deleted. Wasn't directed at OP...
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    Clothing deal

    Good to see we can still get spam on the new site...
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    Who's gonna buy a mini NES?

    Crap. Put me down for one too...
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    Home rain gutter installation

    I used these guys to repair/replace a small section. No one else would even come out for a small job.
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    AT&T Uverse Down - Westside?

    Yep. Still down from what I'm reading...
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    AT&T Uverse Down - Westside?

    Yes. Outage. Many people in my hood posting about it on the FB group...
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    I could never be a Muslim

    You forgot about bacon...