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    New Central Air What to Get?

    Mine is still working but 14 years old and builder grade. I have a single story under 2000 square feet small house. I have a single unit. I'm curious what brands are good and what I should steer away from based on your research/experience. I'm thinking 16 seer but open to input. Thanks!
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    something scratching in the attic

    occasionally very early in the morning I hear some scratching in the attic. I'm guessing a mouse or rat. I put a rat/mouse poison up in the attic today so not sure of results yet. Any other ideas? If I opt for an exterminator who do you recommend?
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    Anyone know what is being built off Stonebrook just West of Legacy?

    Been seeing earth movers out there not sure if it may be houses or something else. This would be the land to the East of the new school.
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    How much rain is coming?

    I know we have very smart people here, what do you think?
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    I need my driveway removed and repoured need recommendations please!

    I'm not sure who does this kind of work and is good at it? Any referrals are appreciated!
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    Washing Machines

    SkiBum I have sent you a private message!
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    what are they building accross Eldorado from Costco?

    yea, that's the spot. Do we know anything about the car wash? I didn't know how high end of a wash it may be. I'm assuming it wouldn't be a do it yourself bay?
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    what are they building accross Eldorado from Costco?

    I noticed what appeared to be a construction trailer just didn't notice a coming soon sign.
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    New AC Unit-What should I get?

    I'm not sure that I'm doing it this minute but its on radar since its about 13 years old. I see some in my neighborhood are replacing the original builder units. I'm having it serviced for spring in a couple of weeks so we will see how its doing but its working at the moment.
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    New AC Unit-What should I get?

    Thankfully mine is still working but its going on 13 years old. I have a single story house. I'm sure they have changed since my house was built. What is a good, efficient, reasonable unit?
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    microsuade couch and several other things!

    80" great condition microfiber couch from Pennys 200.00 or best offer cute accent buffet piece I use in kitchen as accent. 75.00 or best offer 2 matching sunbrella zero gravity chase lounges with table never used 75.00 for the set great for pool time! beautiful china hutch 2 pieces...
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    Zoysia grass?

    my front yard has looked sparce for several years. I'm considering getting some Zoysia sod. Front yard has a huge live oak tree but branches are trimmed up off the multi trunks so it does allow for some morning sun. Has anyone used Zoysia sod? If so which one did you use? I would say I have...
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    21 speed mongoose mountain bike dxr al

    sold please delete
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    21 speed mongoose mountain bike dxr al

    I have a mens 21 speed mongoose mountain bike. It is in good condition just been sitting in garage. Needs a new home. Best offer! NW Frisco. text 972.824.1365
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    Sonos Play 1 125.00, Red wood decorative entry sleigh 50.00

    Have a great Sonos Play 1 for sale 125.00. Really don't use it much. Have a really cute wooden red sleigh with metal blades use is for entry decoration, very cute with wrapped presents or pointsettas inside. I'm asking 50.00 they are expensive new! Send private message to...