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    Sling TV v. PSVue

    I've had Sling for about a year now and I like it. They have an Orange and Blue package, or you can do both for less than satellite. One has FSSW (Rangers) and the cheaper package doesn't Usually I subscribe to both during baseball season and go back to one in the off season. They do have a...
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    Frisco Painting - Joel Rogers?!

    I believe he did move out to the country and retire from the painting business based on some previous posts. I don't know him personally so I can't say 100%, but I do feel around 95% that was the case.
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    DUI for a council member

    You are correct in that I know nothing about this case other than what was reported in the news. But I know there are plenty of cases that are reported on in the news that look like slam dunks that end up in dismissed cases and not guilty verdicts. As far as this specific case, maybe his...
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    DUI for a council member

    BAC = Blood Alcohol Concentration BrAC = Breath Alcohol Concentration No idea what a "Blood Alcohol Calculator" is, but if there is one, no court refers to BAC as a calculator.
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    DUI for a council member

    I'll even go a step further for you. Frisco has a brand new breath testing machine. It's rarely used anymore. Unofficially I have some anecdotes from employees who admit that the new machine is screwed up. Officially, I have documents showing over a 2 month period that it failed to give a score...
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    DUI for a council member

    I would say you are the one who would be scary in the jury pool. There are no official statistics, but I would say DWI cases are lost in Collin County on a weekly basis (maybe bi-weekly) - even with officer testimony and a blood/breath score .08 or greater. No idea what the facts are in this...
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    Auto Insurance Question

    I managed several auto claims departments over the last few years and the threat of an attorney typically does not put additional pressure on the adjuster. In fact, sometimes it was easier to deal with an attorney than a pro se client. I never worked at/for Farmers, but I can tell you that...
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    Collision repair

    I spent 12 years managing auto insurance claims including writing estimates, managing repairs, etc.. I agree with you on not going to the locations you listed. I do recommend seeing if the other insurance carrier has any preferred repair facilities. Yes, insurance carriers usually benefit but...
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    Marijuana arrests - Are you safer?

    I'll preface this by saying that I am not in favor of drinking (or smoking) and driving. Personally if I have more than two beers within an hour or two, I don't drive - even though I would not be intoxicated legally. One of the problems is that the mentality of many officers is to arrest...
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    Marijuana arrests - Are you safer?

    There's even more to it than that. I contacted FPD a few weeks ago to see if there was any interest in handling how POM arrests are handled. From completely anecdotal evidence, it looks like the arresting officer spends about 2 hrs. from stop, to search, towing/arrest, and book in at the jail...
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    use of tennis courts at schools?

    I don't believe you can reserve the middle school courts, but I know the gates are left open. With so many middle schools close to each other, it's usually been pretty easy to find one open within a couple miles of driving. (Heck, on Teel you have 4 MS from Stonebrook to Eldorado) Also I believe...
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    Divorce mediator recommendation

    AlbinRoach is pretty good. Not sure of fees though. 214-423-5100
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    Insurance Company recommendation

    It's tough to say one company vs another, unless you are talking about comparing their claims services. Take a Progressive insurance policy for example. You are usually not insured by Progressive, but by one of the subsidiaries (Progressive Gulf, Progressive Preferred, etc..). Depending on...
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    Paintless car hail repair recommendations

    I don't have name of a place for you, but it can be tough to find someone reputable. A couple of things to look for are a place that has been in business, preferably locally, for several years. Just like "roofers" there are a lot of people who will chase hail. Another thing is to make sure...
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    Shoulder Surgery -

    I had a SLAP tear and used Dr. Schwartz at OrthoTexas. Also did my rehab through them as well. I remember at the time saying I would never have it done again because of the suck factor. Several years removed and I'm able to throw a softball again, my mind has changed. For mine, the first...