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    Very good used condition dining table, chairs and cabinet $300

    Dark wood distressed table and 6 chairs and matching cabinet with wine rack. Very good used condition. $300. 423 and eldorado. Cross posted. Cabinet comes apart into two pieces for easier transport. Table measures 42x72. Send me a pm or email me at Serious inquiries...
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    40th birthday gifts for wife

    For a friend of mine, she was really dreading it. Her best friend emailed all the friends and family she could think of and asked them to write a little something - favorite memory, what they loved about her, etc. and she compiled it in a book with pics and everything. Time consuming, yes. But...
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    The things kids say...

    My daughter (now 4) recently got in trouble for drawing on the bar stool with marker. I got on to her then later overheard her talking to someone in the bathroom. Then I realized she was praying. "Jesus, please don't let me do that anymore."
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    Need endocrinologist recommendation

    I see Dr. Lahkian in Plano and have no complaints.
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    Trip to Oklahoma City

    I grew up in OKC also - the Skirvin was refurbished in the last 6-7 years and is a very nice hotel, beautiful historic building. The beds are comfy! Bricktown is great and there is lots to do. There is a piano bar off the canal area, along with a fondue restaurant, lots of other restaurants...
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    Ok. I'm just going to throw it all out there.

    I don't know, but I would do some investigating.
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    Recall for Kraft & Polly-O string cheeses

    ugh! I have it. :( Thank goodness we haven't eaten it yet.
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    So long Frisco! Hello LE!

    There are great people here. Roma's is good - we love Palio's at 423/Eldorado. The Farmer's market will return in the spring in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Little Elm Park and the trails are great....the beach is fun in the summer. Little Elm is making a lot of improvements and we have lived...
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    Anyone have a child who out of the blue developed motion sickness?

    Along with everyone else's she reading or on a mobile device while you're driving? The only times I've gotten car sick are when I've been reading.
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    MDO in a church??

    Rainbow Corner at Grace Avenue United Methodist Church.
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    Conners Test - Social Anxiety/Depression

    Where do you have this testing done? This sounds a lot like our son.
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    EpiPens---Not As Great As You Might Think

    I'm a few months away from turning 40, and I've been allergic to peanuts all my life. It wasn't nearly as understood or respected when I was growing up, but I still find ignorance among those who don't have allergies or a loved one with them. Unfortunately, in my opinion, until you have watched...
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    Funny pictures for boiler

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    remodel - large corner tub

    There is an app called houzz that has some great ideas. You would need to consult with a plumber to see what you need to change, but it's definitely doable.