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    Weekend babysitter

    Hello, we are relatively new to the area and are looking for a babysitter for our 3 year old boy. It would be once a week, a weekend night so we can have a date night. He's a great kid and a lot of a fun to hang out with. Experience with kids is a must, price is negotiable. Please PM if you...
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    Tried it yesterday, spicy beef noodles and some steamed pot stickers. I asked for extra spicy and it was great. I will be back soon.
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    reupholstering chair

    I was wondering if someone knows a great place to reupholster a few chairs. We cant find the chairs we want for the dining room and thought maybe we should just buy whatever and then have them reupholstered.
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    Best Frisco Tex Mex

    Mexican Sugar is great, I highly recommend it
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    When did advertising get so complicated??

    Out if curiosity, does your business have something to do with curtains? (guessing by your username) if so, maybe you could help me with some blackout curtains.
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    Blackout curtains

    Thanks guys!
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    Blackout curtains

    I'm wondering if anyone has a place to recommend for blackout curtains? I am thinking something made of fabric and more of a traditional curtain, not a blind. thanks!
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    School for two year old

    Thanks a lot for getting back to me. What is part time to you? I notice that a lot are offering 630am to 630pm days, which is not what we want. The idea is to have him in school for about 4 hours a day.
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    School for two year old

    Thank you very much !
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    School for two year old

    Thank you very much, I am going to talk to them. - - - Updated - - - Very interesting! Would you be able to recommend a place with that type of philosophy?
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    School for two year old

    I am looking for a school for my two year old in the Frisco area, we live around Eldorado Pkwy and Custer. I just want a good school that will help him get ready for Kindergarten and have fun with other kids. I am not looking for a daycare. I have talked a few and they seem like more of an...
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    Considering move to Grayhawk

    Hi there, well, I am finally moving to Frisco. The company has agreed to lease me a house, and there a few in Grayhawk I like. Any feedback on this subdivion? I know it has a community pool which is great, but I dont know much else. Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Thank you all for the great responses. It looks like Addison is a must do for me.
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    Hello, I am planning a move to Frisco for January. As I have been working internationally, I am going to need to furnish the entire house. I'm wondering where to get good stuff without breaking the bank. Or maybe someone has nice furniture and wants to sell and redecorate? =)
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    Need a great lease salesperson

    Hi there, I am looking to lease an SUV, most likely BMW, Audi, Lexus or Acura. I am wondering if anyone has a great contact for someone who can help and be up front about the price and everything. I have been trying to do it contacting dealerships but I get frustrated when they tell me things I...