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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    In case some of you haven't seen on FB or other Social Media Sources, we all lost a great one last week. FOL Member Flicks passed away last Sunday. Some of you may remember he married Van 5 years ago. He was one of the first members I ever met, and was truly one of the nicest, most genuine...
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    Feasibility Study Reveals the Demand for a Performing Arts Venue in Frisco

    No, the need (or ability to support) was based on the number of groups that travel outside the city of Frisco to use other venues, and indicated what they could utilize within the City, how many days they would use it etc. It also recommended a much smaller venue to support those truly local...
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    Frisco in 1988 Search for Frisco, TX and you can see the satellite views from 1984 to 2016.
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    Frisco Onliners Unite

    Wow....Old school.
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    Man this place is quiet!

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    Pickup Bed Cover & Bed Liner

    I have the pace edwards retractable metal cover with rail expansion system. I normally have bike racks mounted over the bed, but can remove them in about a minute, cover rolls up in a couple of seconds and I have full use of the bed. I also had a spray in bed liner put on when I bought the truck.
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    Your Thoughts on the Mayoral Election?

    Just for Clarification, Mr. Allen was on the council until April 4th of this year when Councilman Keating replaced him in the Special Election. He's also the longest serving council person, serving from 2002-2007 then from 2009 until April of this year. Mr. Cheney served on Council from 2007...
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    Council pulls park naming from consent agenda?

    Am I "former" if I still post? (Obviously not often since someone else let me know about this thread) I have a ton of respect for you AGH, I know you've spent your fair share of your own time serving the city. This truly wasn't about her, even though many people want to make it seem that way...
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    2017 Special Election: City Council Place 1 - Early Voting starts next Wednesday

    League of Women Voters has put out their questionnaire as well.
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    Ford House in Frisco

    Look at Holiday Ford up in Whitesboro. You can do everything online/over the phone, and they'll even deliver it to you. Found a better deal with them than I could with any other dealership closer by.
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    Plano is taking action against NTMWD

    "Take or pay" is something I've been concerned about for years. Right now, fortunately, because we are growing it has a small impact on us. Yes there have been a couple of years where we used less than our highest use year (mainly during the drought years), but because of our growth, it hasn't...
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    Frisco School Rezoning

    First off, I hope this uploads correctly, and is reasonably viewable. If not, and someone wants it, PM me your email address and I'll send it over, its public record. As always, I'll post factual info only. The attached information was presented to both P&Z and Council earlier this year...
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    Suggestions on a New Dishwasher?

    We've had good luck with Bosch brand appliances (stove, microwave, and oven). We're looking right now also for dishwasher, and suspect we'll end up with Bosch for that as well.
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    Cutting the cord - is there a good option?

    Just cut the cord today, been testing services the last month. Amazon, Hulu and Playstation Vue (mid range package) gives us everything we watch. 1/2 the cost of Uverse, and that includes the $10 per month bump for having standalone Gigapower through AT&T (note: we had 5 cable boxes, so there...
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    Question about the proposed Oncor Sub Station

    It needs to go near Oncor's Transmission lines. If the substation goes anywhere other than under the existing transmission lines Oncor would have to run the large Transmission lines to wherever the substation location is. If it goes under their existing transmission lines, then the lines they...