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    Bee Removal
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    VOTE NO: Taxation is Theft

    Someone took care of it.
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    Join Cub Scouts

    August 30th - Vaughn, Boals, Isbell, Nichols, Smith, Borchardt, Newman, Scott, Sonntag, Ashley, Robertson, Tadlock August 31st - McSpedden, Hosp, Sparks, Riddle, Norris, Mooneyham, Miller September 1st - Phillips September 6th - Bledsoe September 7th - Shawnee Trail, Curtsinger...
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    Join Cub Scouts

    Cub Scout Packs throughout Frisco ISD will be holding School Night for Scouting events at each school over the next couple of weeks. What is Cub Scouting? Cub Scouting is a program for 1st through 5th-grade boys. If your son has completed kindergarten or is 7 years old, he and your family...
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    Feeling the Bern in east Frisco

    Neighbors caught this joker stealing their sign in the middle of the day yesterday.
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    American Ninja Warrior type of place for kids in Frisco

    Over on the east side of town is this place:
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    Any firearm sales in the area

    Why, did they miss something in your record that should have preventing you from purchasing? Do you have a similar name, age, and race to a known felon that cannot own firearms? If not, and your record is clean, the background check should be instant.
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    Suggestions on Where to Rent a Pick-up or Truck with a Towing Hitch?

    Uhaul's pickup trucks have hitches. They can be hard to get unless you reserve months in advance.
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    Election results link?

    Elections are held by the county elections office in each county separately. The ISD and city have to take the results from each and combine them.
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    Giovanni's - Gone

    Too bad. We loved their pizzas, but honestly the rest of the menu was lousy.
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    Council Candidates?

    As stated, the First Amendment trumps your No Solicitations sign and it therefore doesn't apply to political or religious visitors (as annoying as they can be).
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    Taxes filed....Not by us!

    And even when the IRS knows someone has fraudulently filed a tax return under your SS#, they have been ordered not to tell you about it. WTHR investigation, congressional pressure trigger IRS policy change
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    Artificial grass install recommendation

    If the intention is to walk on it barefoot, like around a pool, make sure to get a sample and put it out in the sun for a while to test it out. The company that built our community pool installed some that got hotter than the concrete deck. HOA had to spend a bunch of money replacing it.
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    Hammacher Schlemmer - Awesome lifetime warranty

    You mean these guys?