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    Who to hire to help with grout/tile sealing?

    I bought a sponge mop from Home Depot to do the job. Did not have to kneel down. Folks at Home Depot are glad to help you with a solution once you tell them your problem.
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    So where do you go for an oil change?

    Depends on the car and the type of service. Also depends on the dealer. I always call to compare prices. I'm a frequent customer of a local performance tuning shop staffed by car enthusiasts whom I trust with things like brakes, alignments, etc. but they don't service most German cars. When...
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    So where do you go for an oil change?

    A pair of Rhino Ramps and a Fumoto drain valve will make things a breeze again. If you want to go all out on ramps, Race Ramps are the best. Wife had an Altima before I could do the change in under 30 minutes in a dark subterranean apartment garage. Only sure way to know is to send samples...
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    Frisco PD - Overreaching?

    Wondering when the last TPW had his speedometer professionally calibrated.
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    best Sprint iphone with camera

    HTC One does not have an external SD card option. You will want to quickly insert a 8 or 16gb microSD card if you get a GS4 as there is only about 8gb of useable storage space on board. Unlike Apple, if there's a question or problem with Android, there's a third party solution for it. Just...
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    Galaxy S4

    You should not have to go to the text application to find new text messages. You can have it set to have a bubble on the lock screen pop up and/or notification LED to blink when screen is off. It will always notify you on the top notification bar. It's the envelope icon. Pull down on the...
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    Can a guy drive a Mini Cooper?

    A truly emasculated man is one who bases his car buying decision on the opinions of those who know nothing about automobiles.
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    Lost my Phone Samsung Galaxy S3

    So every lost/stolen iPhone in history has been recovored? Second poster already mentioned Lookout for the future. Too soon man. Too soon.
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    Police Tower in Kroger Parking Lot-Legacy/Lebanon

    How DARE you blame the victim! *sarcasm*
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    Is my triumph-ant cruise in danger?

    I didn't say that it was the same. I'm not a maritime expert and obviously the condition of the seas would play a big factor, but I'm just guessing that a bigger factor is the financial loss of pulling another ship out of service in order to handle the transfer even if it was deemed possible...
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    Is my triumph-ant cruise in danger?

    Have you been to a port where you've had to tender ashore via the life boats? Transferring passengers to another ship is actually doable. I don't know if the risks are any worse than having to stay in your own filth.
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    Should I Get An Electric Car?

    This thread is so full of win. Will read again.
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    Dish TV

    Went from DirecTV to Dish years ago because of cost. The AMC incident was upsetting but I got a $5 credit a month for 6 months which would have allowed me to buy The Walking Dead on my own, but it came back on in time for the second episode and I still got to keep my credits. Also love the...
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    Paintless Dent Repair Recs?

    Try Richard Hennings at Mobile Recon. 972-824-7767.