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    Amazon HQ2

    Forbes Magazine's views on Amazon HQ2 being a loser:
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    Lebanon Trail High School Football

    So rumor has it that a good number of players on the football team's grades are at risk of putting them in the position of not being able to complete the season. Grades close this week on Friday. So the football coach decides that there is a mandatory 1 hour after school study period for all...
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    Amazon HQ2

    Maybe I am missing something. Isn't Amazon looking for a second Headquarters, not a new location for a distribution/warehouse facility?
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    Damien Wilson, Cowboys and Road Rage with a Gun

    So I read this evening that Wilson made the 53 man roster. Where is the ongoing investigation / disposition of this case. Is the Frisco PD / DA covering this and perhaps others up?
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    How Do You Feel About the Growth in the Area?

    Frisco, the Concrete Jungle. Invest in concrete companies.
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    Damien Wilson, Cowboys and Road Rage with a Gun

    I have been travelling and read that this had occurred. What is the current state of this incident? Is the DA and/or Police Chief going to sweep this under the rug if it occurred? If so, I guess it is ok if all of us brandish weapons when we are upset. If not, then please inform me.
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    Sprint sent me 3 Galaxy S8+ phones

    Another taker!
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    Council pulls park naming from consent agenda?

    Who was "Grand Park" named for?
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    HELP! A/C dead and need advice

    Aren't Trane and American Standard both owned by the same parent company, Ingersoll Rand? You may find that other than paint and the badges put on the units that they are the same. Walk your neighborhood and look for comparable units....ask to take a look at the outside unit to see if you can...
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    Estate sale - Company recommendation

    Look within here to see who operates Estate/Yard Sales. Some of them do sales in Frisco.
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    Community Service hours needed...quickly

    Check with the City of Frisco...perhaps they could designate a section of roadway where construction material, plastic, etc. have blown all over and may have attached to a fence. See if they will designate a road location and check periodically to see that it is being cleaned. Surely, there...
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    Skyrocketing Water Bills / Meter Scam

    Frisco: Becoming the Concrete Jungle
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    Restaurants open Christmas Eve 2016

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    Where to purchase Christmas Dinner that we can just heat up?

    Central Market in Plano....Coit south of Plano Parkway
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    Need help to fix my Lexus. Any good car place I should go to?

    I cannot see why changing the battery has anything to do with the heat/cold issue; unless, they had to disconnect, or accidently disconnected, something in order to install the battery. Now, you may have disconnected something when you change the filter. When changing my Highlander filter I...