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    Police abuse of power violates Third Amendment

    . Here's the Courthouse News Service (based in Las Vegas) account of the complaint filed for that lawsuit. It's rather specific: .
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    Large Item Donation

    . Frisco Resale on Dogwood accepts such things six days a week (Wed being the exception), even though they aren't animal oriented. .
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    The lost art of customer service

    . The original pre-WorldCom version of MCI viewed customer complaints as a golden opportunity to 1. Learn when something wasn't working right that needed fixing. 2. Astound the complainer with their willingness to listen and take effective action immediately. 3. Impress that complainer...
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    Faces of our Rev. War Vets who lived into the dawn of early photography

    . These are a few of the guys (and their stories) who made celebrating the 4th yesterday possible. I had no idea that some of them lived long enough to be photographed in early daguerreotypes. And to find this in the British press...
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    Disposing of TV's

    . Website for the Custer landfill site: .
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    Computer mouse inventor dies at 88 ...& everywhere we hear click-its, more click-its

    . Douglas Engelbart, RIP: .
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    Need help developing 100 year old pics

    . Even though I don't know beans about glass plate photography, this one little thread is a teriffic credit to the FOL community. .
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    Grasshoppers :(

    . There were some comments below various YouTube videos on using dish soap (detergent?) in a spray bottle of water. Some claimed that "some" dish cleaners would also kill plants. Naturally there were others who didn't agree. I have no idea where the truth is on this, but it sounds like it's...
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    New State Laws

    . Every time I read a list of new laws coming out of other states, I usually find lots of new reasons to appreciate Texas all the more. .
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    Red boxes

    Software versus manual "ignore" function . I've never used the software-automated FOL "ignore" function for two reasons: a. It doesn't bother me to see what lunatics or fanatics or jerks sometimes post. b. It does not notify the offender that s/he's been put on "ignore" (to the best of...
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    Good thing she didn't buy skittles too.

    . Who else, based exactly on what Daly saw and heard, would have made an instant judgment that this was an attempted robbery or car-jacking -- and would have done exactly what she did to evade? I think almost anyone who didn't freeze, or lockup in fear. .
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    Railroad Ties

    railroad ties ads . Just key in RAILROAD TIES on the Dallas site, and you'll pull up lots of ads -- some not very close in, but .... .
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    Cheap DNA screening instead of really expensive DNA repair?

    . While "inspired" by the three sets of DNA repair thread, this is a separate, however potentially infuriating, discussion. Neither Britain, nor the US, nor any coalition of first world countries can ever fix the genetic disasters that have resulted from thousands of years of third world...
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    Paula Deen's 1987 armed robber ... defends her!

    . Is that reformed robber smarter than J.C. Penney, Walgreens, Sears, Kmart, Food Network, Smithfield Foods, Walmart, Home Depot, QVC et al...? .
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    Time to fess up!

    . per aggieteach: "I confess I have NO idea what you just said!!! I have never heard of this particular memory trick But I kinda like it!" It's just a spoof on the way that high school trigonometry is usually taught to calculate all three sides of a right triangle (which is any...