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    They have been found....THANK YOU!
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    Furniture & Baby items!!

    Baby furniture, bedding and accessories that were hardly or never used. Whitewash Changing Table/Dresser - $125 - solid wood, nice piece of furniture. PERFECT for the do-it-yourselfers! Can easily be refinished and repainted or stained. Missing one knob and easy to replace to personal...
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    Best chalk to use for a homeade chalkboard

    I've tried a couple of different brands including Crayola. I will try wetting the board first though!
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    Best chalk to use for a homeade chalkboard

    I made a framed chalkboard using Krylon chalkboard spray paint. I cannot seem to find any chalk that writes well on it?! We used it for our Christmas pictures & our photographer had some big sidewalk chalk that she used on it just fine. Well, I bought some of that & it still won't turn out...
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    Cobb Farm Phases 3A & 3B

    Does anyone have any information on when Standard Pacific is going to start building? This is the area north of Longwood Dr. I haven't driven by in awhile, but I believe the sign has been up for months now. Anyone in this neighborhood & HOA heard anything?
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    Three Squares Restaurant

    Tried Three Squares before our movie Saturday evening. We went with another couple and everyone loved what they ordered! I'm a vegetarian, so I ordered the hummus & veggies (which we all shared) and also a caprese salad which was amazing. Hubby ordered the chicken parm, and our friends...
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    Went to Norma's tonight

    YES!!! Might have to go this weekend! :thumbsup:
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    Went to Norma's tonight

    I was wondering if breakfast was served all day? Breakfast food is my FAVE but I'm not a morning eater, so I love breakfast for lunch or dinner!
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    Recovering sofa cushions

    I am looking for a rec for someone who can recover & restuff/fill my sofa cushions and pillows. The frame of the sofa is just fine...but after me working from home ON the sofa for 3 years, the cushions are a little flat & misshapen. :doh: Plus, we let our dogs on the sofa and the fabric is a...
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    This is just cruel....

    I would just want to ask them WHY have a dog then? What enjoyment do you get from your dog? Labs are the sweetest dogs and dogs NEED your companionship and nurturing. How sad....:sad::foot:
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    This is just cruel....

    My dogs are inside dogs and beg to come back inside after 5-10 minutes of being outside in this heat. If this dog is truly used to being indoors, this heat can be very dangerous.
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    Favorite/Lease Favorite State

    Wow...very rude. Favorite: California (mainly due to Northern California) Least: Iowa
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    AVOID - Pure Day Spa/Pure MedSpa on Lebanon

    I purchased a Groupon for Celebrity Spa & Laser Center in Mckinney a couple of years ago...I think it was also the $99 deal for like 6 treatments. I love this spa...great people and I had really great results. Just a different outcome for me I guess. Not all Groupons are rip-offs.
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    Post up pics of your home town

    Kinda where my screen name comes from...the "Original Frisco". LOL Most natives don't like their city being called Frisco...but I don't mind!! Everyone back home gets such a big kick that I moved from San Francisco to Frisco!