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    Cowboys Practice at Star Aug. 20 -22 @ 11am & Aug 26 -27 @ 5:30pm

    Do you think the parade will be thru Frisco?
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    How Do You Feel About the Growth in the Area?

    I agree. Took the day off and headed over to Costco this afternoon around 2. I couldn't tell the difference from morning rush hour traffic. Costco was packed, almost like a Saturday afternoon. I'm not retiring here or even in the state of Texas. The property taxes would kill us. As it is...
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    Wahlburgers opening in Frisco

    I won't be going there. $10 for a chicken tender kids meal with drink. $8 for a hamburger and then they want $1 more for grilled onions. $9 for a sloppy joe and $3 for a glass of milk. Heck I can buy a gallon for $1.39 at Krogers.
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    Cowboys Practice at Star Aug. 20 -22 @ 11am & Aug 26 -27 @ 5:30pm

    Why would I want to subject my family to a second tier sport?
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    Property tax reform bill

    Also I noted they said a $250k home in Alaska would pay around $3k in property taxes, here it would be double that.
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    Property tax reform bill

    They can sign all the bills they want. I just know I won't be able to afford a $6k to $9k property tax bill each year once I retire. I already know I will be moving out of state.
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    Real estate investing question for the real estate gurus?

    Are you looking for vacationing renters or full time renters? The house rental market seems to be pretty good around here. The couple of people I know that have looked at rental property lately said it was hard to find something to rent. Like I said, a lot of the homes in my area seem to be...
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    Real estate investing question for the real estate gurus?

    Don't think you are going to find anything like that in this area. If you do find duplexes, it is going to be in much older parts of the cities. A lot of the homes around here got snatched up by investors after the great recession. I seem to have more renters around me than I do home owners.
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    Will Governor Abbott sign it?

    Signed it this past weekend.
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    So I get quoted but the rambling has nothing to do with what I said?
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    Why do you think there was such a line? Was it just bad timing or was it just poorly run?
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    Crazy Sewer Charge on Utility Bill?

    Your sewer charge is based on the average water usage for Dec, Jan, Feb and Mar with the highest month being removed. This would be your first month with the new average. Compare your prior average to your new average.
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    Part of Main Street’s widening project in Frisco ahead of schedule

    Doesn't that usually happen before they actually get to the street part?
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    TxDOT to present modifications to US 380 alignments in Collin County in March

    I'll be long gone by the time this project is done.
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    AC Repair since Big Bear is Out until Weds

    So we have these "new" members that choose for their first post to be on a topic that is almost 7 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!