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    Liquor - A Tale of Two Cities

    I work as a wine consultant for a family owned, Texas based, liquor chain located in a very rich area of Plano. Our store complies with all state laws to the freakin letter. We're damn serious about those laws. We can't even take a bag of potato chips out of the store after 9pm. As far as I...
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    New Stuff Coming to Main and Teel

    There actually IS a weight loss company next to Starbucks at Main and Teel...
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    Coffee Makers

    I'd go with a small Keurig or other knock off. I keep a mix of Starbucks, Tully and Kroger brand cups in stock and those Kroger ones are good and a decent value. Thats what we use daily....just two of us here...but there's also a Cuisinart so we can brew 12 cups for company or other special...
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    Oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal

    Yep, Mark Davis within the last year. Great staff. Efficient too.
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    Ghetto Kroger no more?

    One of the produce guys got an invitation to "play" once. Some of you...dang. think you are at Wal-Mart? Lol
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    Pizzeria thanks

    It was the qualifications that got us there. The follow through left much to be desired, as did the price.
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    Ghetto Kroger no more?

    Care to describe the useless managers at Main and Teel? I would really like to know.
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    Water Smell?

    It's not just you. Not this time. ;)
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    Planet Fitness

    The woman who went over the top in complaining about a transgender person in Planet Fitness absolutely deserved to have her membership cancelled. That is what I applaud Planet Fitness for.
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    Planet Fitness

    Go Planet Fitness!!!! Thank you for standing up for what's right.
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    Aiya Restaurant - Front Signs Gone?

    Saw that sign missing today. Wondered if I was imagining things. Guess not. No clue what happened.
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    Maybe I am getting old......

    You may not want to turn into that old cranky neighbor....but at the very least you gotta be channelling a parent or grandparent. Right now. Might also want to check to make sure your pants aren't pulled all the way up to your armpits. ;) And live in Little Elm don't you...
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    SAE at OU in trouble

    The student leaders at UC Irvine vetoed the ban on the American Flag. Many students spoke out against this idiotic action. I may not read all the right media but I have not heard a ton of voices saying they thought the ban was a great idea in any way shape or form. The veto was absolutely the...
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    DFW Storm 3/4 - 3/6

    Roads were fine heading to Shops at Legacy at noon. Where the sun was shining the roads are practically dry. But it's the shady spots that are still icy and will be something to look for if you're driving after dark on Thursday. It was so pretty I drove home with the sunroof open and the...
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    Authentication Required

    I have had a pop up box on FOL recently asking for user name and password while browsing. My cynical self refuses to comply. Any idea FOL admin? Anyone else?