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    New forum -

    I so dislike this new forum. Pages load very slowly. New Posts isn't just one line for a new thread... it lists individual posts, which is maddening. Then you also have the problem of the membership activity which has just about died out due to a handful of bully kids, so who would want to...
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    This man could have saved my father's life

    I am so sorry for your loss. I've watched many family members linger in pain and fear for longer than they should have. Medicine has become about the professionals sustaining life rather than the ones ending their life journeys.
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    Subsidization has now reached high school.

    AND still have to buy a ticket to go! If you're a guy taking your GF the cost of your evening is very expensive!
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    Has anyone filed a claim against a city for car damage?

    That's your answer a lot today! Are you an ambulance chasing huckster lawyer or something? LOL
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    Providence Village - likes and dislikes?

    Based on... Personal experience? I actually live in Providence Village. It's a lovely place to raise a family. I'm fortunate enough to work only 7 miles away, so am blessed in the commute department. Others find it tolerable. Some do not and move away after a while. Schools.. many...
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    Florida Beaches

    My DD and friends are going to Amelia Island - it's looks wonderful and I wish I was going with them. They don't .. but I do. LOL
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    OMG - this cracked me up. *dying laughing*
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    Is THIS what we have to look forward to?

    Been doing the same thing for years. One year I took DD and ONE friend for mani-pedis, a new outfit each, then dinner at a nice restaurant. That was bday.
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    Severe Phobia of Flying

    Years ago we had a friend that was terrified of flying - which was rather unfortunate in that we were US Citizens living in Madrid. In order to get her on a plane for vacation to "anywhere" we had to get her so sloshed she didn't care. Then we'd pour her into a seat and buckle her in... where...
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    West Frisco Party

    Maybe there was more than 1 party and both versions are actually correct. "your child lied to you" is a pretty drastic statement.
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    Final paycheck dispute

    Have her file with the Texas Workforce Commission. The company will be required to pay her.
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    West Frisco Party

    I don't give alcohol/pot/pills/ or even aspirin to another person's child. I expect the same courtesy. Or we'll be having a serious conversation between the jail bars you're behind. And that's all I have to say about that.
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    Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Fire Stick

    You had me at no wall plug! The blue ray takes up x amount of space and isn't going anywhere. Lol
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    Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Fire Stick

    How is the Firestick different from my Sony BlueRay that has Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc already programmed into it? Is there an advantage that I'm not seeing?
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    Need Attorney Recommendation RE HOA dispute.

    So freaking rude. Anyone that doesn't think like you, look like you, live like you, believe like you are your targets. I rarely come to FOL anymore. And this is exactly why.