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    Bird scooters everywhere

    So in other cannot take one of these onto Eldorado, Main, Legacy, Lebanon, etc (speed limits 40-50) yet you can take a bicycle on the same roads ???
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    Winter weather predictions

    NOAA predictions
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    How 'bout them Cowboys

    That's a bit optimistic don't ya think?? ;)
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    The odometer has clicked over 50 and the power in the engine is gone...

    Hey DTF..........No expert here but being past 60 myself, what works for me is good diet, balance between cardio and strength (not gym type of strength-just pushing/pulling my own body weight around), and extra rest if/when needed. If its been awhile....dont push it but be consistent. Gradually...
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    RIP Burt Reynolds

    The Bandit is now racing across heavan.........
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    Main / Legacy intersection

    Been through it from a couple of different directions now and it does seem better. I like the fact that you are "protected" when turning...though for the life of me, the traffic engineers that time the lights to only let 4-5 cars through from N or S direction is still frustrating. That is...
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    Want to donate old video games/DVD's

    The library may take the games and DVDs. Not sure about the Wii system.
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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Rebel...thanks for posting. I never met Flicks either but did meet Van on several occasions. She actually painted our house. One of the nicest people on the planet so I know Flicks was too. My deepest condolences to her and her family.
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    Star Wars - Solo Story

    Based on opinions of family that has seen it.....just wait for the DVD. Good....but not worth theater price.
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    New Frisco zip code

    USPS Advising Customers of New Frisco ZIP Code – 75036 Effective July 1, 2018 In case you haven't received your mailer from the USPS yet. We went through this when they changed a section of 75034 to 75033.
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    Best Place To Purchase Pre-Owned Office Furniture

    You could try Furniture by Consignment. They always seem to have nice home office furniture if that is what you are looking for.
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    DFW Parking

    Last time I flew out, I used Express. Toll tag works in/out. Shuttle picked me up at my car and dropped me at terminal. When I arrived back, waited downstairs at designated PU spot for about 5 min before the shuttle stopped by. They dropped right at my car.
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    Paint removal from car

    Good morning....there are some really knowledgeable car guys here, Drivin too Fast or Mommy P, and FCS Wes, that likely will have some good advice. My quick search reveals that the garage paint is likely latex based, not petroleum based so stay away from solvents like mineral spirits...
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    After the merger, I noticed mine were off as well. As I was going through my profile and preferences I noticed the time zone settings had moved. Once I set it back to our time zone all displayed correctly. Something to check if you haven't already.
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    Donny Churchman – the man behind “The Rail District”

    Hopefully the plans would include a left turn lane on eastbound Main at First St/Railyard where the tracks cross. And fixing the crossing itself so you don't go airborn if continuing into downtown. At least Frisco Automotive is right there so you can pull in for some new shocks. :cool: