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    School year starting so early!!!

    So you think the summer break has something to do with keeping kids out of the heat?
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    ZIP Cash invoices for cars you no longer own

    I don't take the plates off...just sign the DMV title change form, and log on to NTTA and remove that vehicle/plate from your account. You're all set.
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    Tip Uber and Lyft drivers?

    I always tip - unless the service was below par (that's only happened once). With that said, it is a service - tips are a reward for going above and beyond, not a guarantee and therefore shouldn't always be expected. However, your friend sounds like a stereotyping racist jackass. If your friend...
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    Wade Park Progress

    ...and foreclosed
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    Outdoor Kitches, Pergola, and Patio - Need Advice

    Thank you Green225 Any other folks with recommendations and budget insights as well?
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    Any updates on Wade Park?

    Great, the two or three I cared about already pulled out. It's a matter of time before the 5 billion mile goes to 4 then to 3 and so on.
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    Outdoor Kitches, Pergola, and Patio - Need Advice

    We are looking to expand out concrete patio, build a pergola, and setup some space for an outdoor kitchen. Should we hire a GC to manage it all or should we hire individual contractors? What would be the price difference? Most importantly, any solid recommendations?
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    New Sprouts - Eldorado & Teel

    Anyone have an idea of what other stores are opening up in that complex? There seems to be a lot of store fronts and maybe 3 pad sites that are being developed there.
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    Subsidization has now reached high school.

    Well he obviously wasn' there's that
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    Used car loan rate...

    Don't even mention the trade in till you have the sales price agreed upon. Take a valid CarMax appraisal in with you when you go - its the wholesale black book value, they will match that at the very least.
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    Wade Park Progress

    Its better to build structures on rock than clay - more expensive sure, but easier to maintain and prevent structural issues with later.
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    Used car loan rate...

    I find that question ridiculous. I want my payment to be whatever it comes out to be AFTER I make a deal on the sales price bubba, that's what your job it. I'll work the APR and monthly payments with my bank, the captive finance co, whoever....that is NOT your job, and nunnaya damn...
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    Used car loan rate...

    1.8 @ RBFCU for 60 months.
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    Costco Amex is being discontinued...Recs?

    Wrong on every count.
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    Costco Amex is being discontinued...Recs?

    ^ any and all Visa cards are accepted at Costco