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    Trivium Charter School - any feedback?

    Dear all, Does any one have experience with Trivium charter school in Plano-Carrolton area? The commute is bit long but doable as it is way to the work anyway. I think it is kind of new and reviews are hard to find. Thanks in advance. -maadfw
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    Centauri Home Insurance - Any experience?

    Hi All, I have been shopping for the insurance as ASI jacked up my home insurance about 15%-20% during the last couple of years. the agent is recommending Centauri Insurance who are relatively new to Texas. Does anyone have experience with them? Their coverage is much better (HOB) and...
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    Vegas trip, need help!

    I am frequent Vegas visitor and primarily stay out of MGM. As others said, it all depends upon your budget. While Bellagio is nice, you can stay on Bally's right opposite to Bellagio's for a lot less $$. Again, all the hotels in the strip can be accessed using mono-rail (you still have...
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    Home owners Insurance Recommendations?

    Thank you Travis!
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    Looking to switch internet provider - Feedback Appreciated!

    Verizon FIOS if available. If not, Time warner cable is working out great for me. -maadfw
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    Home owners Insurance Recommendations?

    Hello All, My current insurance hiked the rates again and I am looking to change. Does anyone have any recommendations for home owners insurance/agents? Thanks, -maadfw
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    Pest control recommendations please?

    I have been using the services of Frisco & Colony Pest control as well. Absolutely fantastic service. His rate varies depending upon the square footage, but somewhere around $85-90 for my home. No contracts, no pressures. -maadfw
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    Summer Day Care Centers in Frisco

    Dear all, Does anyone have any recommendation for good day care centers around Frisco (preferably along Tollway/Preston/Coit) during summer time? Thanks so much in advance for your replies, -maadfw