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    Good news for State Farm policyholders

    We got our last week for $700.
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    If you drive drunk, you deserve to die....

    Nope I haven't! I've lost too many family members because of drunk driving. Nearly lost my husband 6 years ago from a DD hitting him while he was standing on the side of the road. People do make mistakes BUT when you decide to drink then you should give your keys to someone else. If you...
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    New pool construction contractor

    Have you talked to Hauk Pools in Celina? I couldn't be happier with our pool. We dealt with Nick Hauk and he was easy to talk to and he actually listened to what we wanted and even added to our thoughts. We now have a natural looking pool and outdoor kitchen w/huge patio.
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    Teacher lead prayer at school

    I guess I misunderstood, I thought this was done BEFORE school, on school prop but was not a school activity persay. I have no problem with that at all nor do I see it being pushed on anyone and the protesters are idiots. There is no need to protest because the school wasn't sponsering it.
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    Salad bar

    Oh I want Sweet Tomatoes in Frisco so bad.
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    Creepy posts......

    The first sentence told me it was fishy, read the post when it was first posted and just figured it would be removed.
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    Anyone know what's going on at the hockey stadium?

    There are police are swarming the place with ARs? Theres nothing on the news so I'm wondering what's up.
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    Oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal

    Dr Davis is fantastic, did my sons wisdom teeth and cleaned up what a crappy doctor did to my daughter. He was very caring and knew what he was doing.
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    Jack Russel Mix 9mos Old - Looking for Parents

    A JR rescue is an excellent choice as they don't just place a dog, they look into the people that adopt, they do home checks. They never do a phone call with, caller 'I want a dog'..... JR rescue "Ok, come get one from us." Now I'm sure there are some that do do this so do your homework. Stay...
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    Nebraska Furniture Mart - Home Theater Purchase

    Yes, this is so true!!! My sister used to come down here from Tulsa to shop Sam Moon but Tulsa now has its own Sam Moon with a different name. I have friends and family that come here for ikea so they will be coming for this new place too. I can't wait to go myself but figure it will be like...
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    Jack Russel Mix 9mos Old - Looking for Parents

    Please call a JR rescue and try not to do experiment with something living. Maybe try a fish?
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    Kirkland Brand Dog Food - Costco

    I'm hearing and reading some pretty bad stuff about Blue Buffalo in the last few months so I've decided to stay away from them for now. I'm looking for a good venison only protein source dog food but having a hard time. I'm considering going back to Solid Gold products. My Danes loved Solid...
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    *cough* Remember Me!? *cough*

    Welcome back!! I wondered what was up with you, sorry to hear about the accident but happy to hear you are doing better now. I'm not on FOL as much since I got a job and I miss everyone. I try to get on a couple times a week so I don't lose touch.
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    DFW Storm 3/4 - 3/6

    Celina is open also.
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    Lonestar Volleyball

    I watched both videos and I don't get why you posted under the video's "Published on Feb 28, 2015 Owner of Lonestar Volleyball in Frisco, Texas, goes crazy on me for asking why she sent her referees home on a late snowy night, which made my daughter's team have to stay there until after 10...