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    K. Hovnanian Homes

    I'm going to ask a quick question then I will stay out of this. Where did you Wes and Longhorn get your information that you have stated?
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    K. Hovnanian Homes

    This is not true but ask Cheney about it. Last time I said anything about real estate I had a mark against me.
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    Severe Phobia of Flying

    My fear is the openness, looking out the window, once we are up 30,000 feet. I have a general anxiety disorder, anyhow, but flying during the day is a phobia for me. I know someone will say "just don't look out the window" but you can always see outside even if you don't want to. Also, flying...
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    Thanks Big I need a plumber

    John Hulse 214-542-1276
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    Looking for landscaper recommendations

    David Calvert Main Street Lawn and Landscaping
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    Gastroenterologist/ Digestive Health Recommendations

    Dr. Freidman, with TDDC (Texas Digestive Diagnosis Center) In Plano off of Communications Road.
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    Alcohol sales after Midnight!!!

    This would be my point exactly. Cowboys headquarters, wade development, and I think it's Jerry jones development on DNT and 380. Things will change and Frisco needs to change with them. In fact, I think this is why it's on the ballot again. These are big developments that need to succeed...
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    Child Psyciatrist in Frisco

    Dr. Tharp, Stonebrier Psychiatric Services 972-335-2430
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    RIP Robin Williams

    So so sad. I loved him and hate the disease he tried and I am proud of him trying his whole life to get better. It just takes so many wonderful people;not saying just celebrities. All I could say when I read the article was "no,no,no". Love and comfort to his family
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    Harassed & Intimidated by DEA Agents

    I liked how the guy with the sunglasses got so close, it showed in his sunglasses what the guy looked like!
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    Need Realtor Help

    Even though I have a bit of a problem with some of the things you have said, I completely agree with your last paragraph. Some realtors just don't have eithics or integreity to leave people alone in such a horrible time in their life. I would definitely not use one that had called or knocked...
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    Need Realtor Help

    You need to get a new realtor. Realtors don't go on showings here, but they use CSS (Centralized Showing Services) and when a realtor visits a house the system automatically sends back to buyer's agent a form to fill out for feedback Some realtors answer these, some don't. But your realtor...
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    Well? Weather Knowitalls.... it!
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    Realtor recommendation Oak Point

    Karen Fair at Ebby Halliday in Frisco. Can email her at
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    Avoid Tollway

    So very sad.