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    Looking for someone that works with metal

    If you all need another welding resource I have used Sturm Welding in Pilot Point. Not close but they are very good.
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    I Have Solved the Long Wait to Get a Drivers Test Problem for Parents of Teens!!!!

    Come up to Gainesville. Not only for driving test but also for any other needs related. Super friendly. And then afterwards head over to Muenster and have some German food and shop at Fischer's.
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    I like to employ what the French say "mal élevé" which means bad mannered or bad born. To be described as such is not considered very good or correct behavior. Another way of also saying someone is ill bred.
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    How to pay a speeding ticket in Frisco

    His video made it to Fox News' " The Five". Way to present yourself as an immature idiot on national tv and the Internet. Grow up.
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    History of High School stadium development

    If the stadium is a good source of revenue for the District then I would not be opposed to it. It has to make financial sense.
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    History of High School stadium development

    Oh Lordy I did not know that band was cool. When I was at Highland Park the band was NOT the place to be unless you wanted to be with geeks and nerds.
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    Dentist Oral Surgeon

    Years ago I used Dr. Craig Williams in Dallas on Walnut Hill. He's very experienced and rated as one of the top Oral Surgeons in Dallas.
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    Summer's coming!!!!

    If you are looking for a nice spring fed watering hole...head up about 2 hours up to Sulphur Oklahoma. Chickasaw National Recreation Area has the Little Niagra swimming area. Get there early in the morning to get a nice spot.Nice little day trip. It's...
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    sightseeing / things to do around town

    Head up north to horse country and go horseback riding. Frisco is not that far from Pilot Point etc..lots of places that offer trail riding.
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    Texas DMV Helpful Hint PSA

    You can combine your trip to the DMV with a side trip over to Muenster and do a little shopping at Fischer's Market. GREAT Meats and German food.
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    Texas DMV Helpful Hint PSA

    I just thought I would post this. With lots of people complaining about lines the Drivers License Offices. Why wait in super long lines. I live outside of Gainesville and there is an office there. I go to Gainesville several times a week. Each time I pass I see almost nobody there...
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    What office behavior drives you crazy?

    My office is the outdoors so I'd say cow patties can be annoying if you don't look where you are walking :)
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    Mainvue Homes Incentives?

    I have been keeping an eye on Frisco even though I don't live there anymore as I have friends relocating from out of State to the Metroplex. Saw an ad on tv by Mainvue Homes offering deep incentives. I was sort of taken back given the insanity with the RE market. What gives? Incentives in THIS...
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    Looking for a cowhide rug

    Try Overland in Fort Worth. I bought a cowhide rug at their store in Taos years ago. Very good quality. They have a website
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    Expand Cabin or Build Separate House?

    mridgley, we have a long driveway. Our storage building we built is 52 x 50 with 16' side walls. On one side we designed it to park something as large as a Motor Home. We put in full hookups with sewer and water. The space is designed to pull through.