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    how much do you pay sitter?

    i usually need a sitter til the wee hours of 2 or 3 am, we pay 15 an hour for 2, ages 10 months and 7 but i pay 10 an hour for 4 hours a day with just the baby and light house keeping
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    Name suggestions for online store

    partnering with my sister in law-- BTBL Boutique (brought together by love)??
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    Name suggestions for online store

    I am starting a online boutique and would like name suggestions, we will feature clothing for 20-30 somethings. mostly blouses and dresses, some pants. some in season boots, shoes and custom toms/bobs some handbags, scarves, team bedazzled hats and jewelry My SIL and I are heading it up...
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    2nd breast augment -old implants

    They were sent home with me! Wonder why? They are 7yr old saline, i got silicone this time. If i want to go back smaller is it possible to sterilize? On another note i was a saggy a cup after breast feeding ds#1 so i got 375 filled to 400 saline under muscle. Yesterday went thru same scar...
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    Credit Repair- Who gets results?

    i thought so Our repossession from 07/08 is still reporting like it wasvladt month. I think itvsqys chargoff I will take a look at the creditboards. If I pay something and it says paid in full does that help on only validation and deletions?
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    Credit Repair- Who gets results?

    thanks everyone, all accounts active are being paid on and the only others that there are were written off years ago and the collection companies are just trying to get a little bit of money back but i dont think paying them changes the report. I dont even get calls anymore. i will start...
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    Credit Repair- Who gets results?

    I want to pay a firm to do all the busy work for me. I wish I could just pay to start all over. The loss of a job in 08 is biting me in the butt now. Income is great, job is stable and credit score is holding me back from getting financed. and i cant increase my score without current revolving...
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    housecleaners company- how to file a claim

    all resolved
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    Margarita recipe?

    Beerita/Cowboy Margarita/Margarona 1 can frozen lime concentrate (keep container) Fill above container with tequillia, fill again with 7up 1 bottle corona yum-o
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    Kidney doctor

    are you seeking a kidney specialist like above post, a nephrologist or a urinary tract issue, reflux, stones, leaking all of this is a urologist. be aware that the tvt mesh has been recalled if you are going to have a bladder lift
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    Baby acne vs. sensitive skin

    DS is now 7 weeks, he has had baby acne for 3-4 weeks, it comes and goes. its not so much on his face anymore but the back of his neck, shoulders and down his back to shoulder blades. it seems really bad. i was thinking if her were allergic to detergent (dreft most of the time) that he would...
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    How do I keep em from turning my water off?

    If you doand it yourselfand you wont get charged a reconnect fee. Over 5 years this happened 2.. times. I used to really be tight on money and waited 1 day too long (I think day after disconnect date )
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    Spirit Airlines

    When I was comparing prices aa was cheaper w. Spirit is strange having to itemize everything and its extra
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    How do I keep em from turning my water off?

    Call first thing mon or tue morn depending on holiday if they are open. They usually don't cut them off on friday bc u have all weekend to go without.
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    Need to buy Pop Rocks-about 100 bags. Ideas?

    Hot topic at stonebriar has a giant box that has a lot of small pouches inside