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    Tell me about Megatel

    Here is a $3.3Million Honda Civic for sale, its right up your alley: 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid -- | eBay
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    Top 15 stories in Frisco for 2018

    The PGA relocating to Frisco resulting in a resort being built and likely a Ryder Cup event didn't make her list, but Bahama Bucks and PDQ closing did? That's some top notch journalism there. :LOL:
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    Burning question to ask God (or maybe 7 of them)

    I would buy a couple of cases of water at Costco and ask him to work his magic.
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    My 2 cents on the matter.... the political forum has a lot of activity compared to the other forums, but unless you have a moderator or two who are also passionate and can keep up with that forum, it gets out of hand and drives the other posters away. I'd delete the forum and see if you can...
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    TxDOT to hold 3 public meetings in October

    Yep. Unfortunately a current collin county judge lives in there and the former plano mayor (and 5 time felon) Jack Harvard developed the building in front of Tucker Hill and is one of the owners of Keller Williams in there. The bypass makes no sense, but the politicians are throwing their...
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    TxDOT to hold 3 public meetings in October

    This is going to get ugly. You basically have 380 being expanded in all towns but McKinney. McKinney poorly planned over the last few decades and allowed a few developers to build too close to 380. Those neighborhoods are fighting the expansion of 380 by proposing a bypass be built through...
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    Backyard Office

    We are buying a place on 1.5 acres. Rather than converting a bedroom into a study, I wanted to look at putting an office in the backyard somewhere to give me a bit of separation from the doorbell, dog barking, etc. There is a lot online about tiny houses, but I dont need a bathroom/kitchen...
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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Great person and great couple. I'm happy that they found each other and had a great 5 years together.
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    Finger food ideas for a baby with NO teeth

    Umm... the kid is now a sophmore and surely has teeth by now.
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    Review of Crab King

    Oh good, this is about a restaurant. I was worried someone found out my nickname in college.
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    REAL: FOL moderators, can I be one too?

    What's the gig pay? I bet you could pay her in beer.
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    In home hospice questions

    We are checking out in-home hospice options for my father. I'm not really looking for recommendations on providers as he will not be in this immediate area, but rather what are the right things to look for and ask when selecting a provider? We will likely need a hospital type bed, so any...
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    Frisco Onliners Unite

    Wow, that was four score and many beers ago..
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    Anyone flown to LGA recently?

    I'm going to La Guardia next week and trying to find the best/quickest way to get to Times Square. I understand it is a mess right now. Has anyone been recently and have any tips? Here is what I've heard: - Only Yellow cabs are allowed to pickup at the terminal, with expected wait times 45...
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    Happy Memorial Day

    Seriously though, thanks to all that served and hope that everyone takes a moment to remember those who have fallen.