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    Pediatric Neurologist

    Any recommendations for Pediatric Neurologist? Thank you!!
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    owl I heard him too! Woke me up....closer to Teel and Main area.
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    Bike stolen from Pioneer Heritage Middle School

    bike That is weird....there was a bike on the PHMS bike rack locked up all summer and no one touched that one! LOL. My kids go to PHMS and we always make sure to go pick up their bikes later if they leave them there. We live in a nearby neighborhood and one of our neighbors tires were...
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    What is that smell?

    Smell I smelled smoke at Hillcrest and Ohio....pretty strong this morning.
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    Have you gotten rid of your land line?

    Land Line Good bye My child is 11 also and I was worried about the same things! It has been a couple months now and was the best decision. I was so tired of collection calls to our land line for people that we don't know!!!! Our daughter has been VERY responsible with her new phone and I...