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    Arte Dental is doing a free dental day on December 10th and they have a bunch of companies pitching in stuff too. Should be a great event. Details are on Arte Dental facebook.
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    alarm/security company for business? recs?

    i need a pretty simple alarm installation for a small business. its in a shopping strip. back door. front door. maybe a couple motion detectors. pretty simple. any thoughts or reviews on alarm companies and their rates? i dont really need anything too fancy. an automated text or phone...
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    FREE boxing lesson :) Any GUYS around Grayhawk want to come by for an hour and sweat?

    Hey! I'm looking for someone to box with. Mainly looking for someone that wants to throw some punches at me. I usually work out for about an hour. I have a heavy bag, speed bag, double ended bag, slip bag, jump ropes, weights, slip line... I don't mind teaching you some real boxing...
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    Any one read the printed Dallas Morning News local paper?

    any other COMMUNITY IMPACT readers here?
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    Dentist - Be Careful when choosing

    my wife has problems with her TMJ. we went to our local dentist (Arte Dental on ElDorado in Little Elm, GREAT people) and they basically told her that TMJ surgeries are "iffy" and not recommended unless you have severe pain. my wife's jaw pops sometimes, but its not overly painful or too...
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    Any one read the printed Dallas Morning News local paper?

    Dallas Morning News has a local section for Frisco/Allen/McKinney that they put in the newspaper (every Friday I think). Does anyone here pay attention to it? I was thinking about putting an advertisement in there for a business.
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    What's coming by Costco and Taco Cababa?

    What's being built right there? Please be an Arby's!
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    After hours dentists

    I may be able to help you today, shoot me a text 469-348-3171 I'll call the doctor/dentist of Arte Dental off ElDorado and see if he will go in and help you (no promises) but the guys at Arte are very accommodating. i've been using them for a couple of years and they are like family. good...
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    Key lime pie - who sells them in Frisco

    chick fil a used to have GREAT key lime, but they did away with it :(
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    oh hail! looking for paintless dent repair

    do a search. i've commented on this lots of times. guy's name is james: 2145437018
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    Toyota of Plano

    talk to Karen at Toyota of Plano. she's been with them a long time. i had some issues when i special ordered a car there, and the general manager hooked me up with Karen and everything went smooth from that point.
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    Arsonist pleads guilty to EAST Frisco fires here's my response to that Fox news article: Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think this story is COMPLETELY WRONG. The "kid" accused of setting the fires was sentenced for 2 fires from around March of...
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    Arsonist pleads guilty to EAST Frisco fires wonder if this is the same guy from the west Frisco (Grayhawk) fires?
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    Dentist: Dr. Jeffrey Howard is gone!

    Arte Dental over on El Dorado has been great to me and my family. Cash prices are LOW and they are great with kids. (469) 362-4111
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    Where do you take your Lexus for Oil Change?

    avaolon = GS camry = ES