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    FISD Property Tax Increase

    Our property tax on my 30 acres, house and barns here in Collinville ISD and in the county are $1700 per yr........and I don't have to fight the traffic everyday....
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    OUCH !!!!!

    My buddy went in to dispute his and they told him it looked like a good time for him to sell.........Parker in Collin County......
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    MInivan Rental

    I rented Dodge Grand Caravans a couple of times from Enterprise in Frisco, rates were really good but that's been awhile.
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    Advice for dealing with roofers?

    When hail hit north of 380 couple yrs back I had numerous paint customers complaining about Allstate and getting them to pay. Same with my buddy's mom that lives in Mesquite, every other house around her got a new roof but Allstate claimed hers wasn't damaged. I'm with USAA and got a new roof...
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    Liquor - A Tale of Two Cities

    Tight Ends.....haven't heard of this one
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    Trailer Brakes

    there are a lot of trailer repair places up my way, horse country, right up 377 north of 380. Might google them or drive up 377 and grab some names/numbers. I've noticed signs pretty common for trailer repairs, especially since just about everybody up this way has numerous trailers, horse...
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    Tell me about Destin area vacations

    We have rented through Ocean Reef Resorts, they are on east end with lots of properties, and did VRBO last year. Have had great service through Ocean Reef, they are a management company.
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    Tell me about Destin area vacations

    we used go in August when most others have gone back to school but our schools start later, rates and crowds much lower. Last year we went mid summer and I'll never do that again, traffic was horrendous and it didn't matter what time of day. We stay down closer to Sandestin and always get a...
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    Looking for woodworker - Build bee hive boxes

    call my buddy John Hudson, he can make them anyway you want. Builds all kinds of stuff, cabinets etc......anything made from wood. Lives outside of Gunter John 214-406-2176
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    I need a gun

    I didn't like the Henry Golden Boy at all, couldn't sight down the barrel without taking cheek off the stock, ended up going with blued one that is grooved for scope. 22's not 357 though.
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    Aces on Dallas Parkway

    guess I'll give them another try when I get down that way, a tried and true business long as the beer is ice cold
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    I need a gun

    best deal on .308 is Marlin XS 7 best deal on 12 gauge is Mossberg 500 or 835 pumps, some come with combo short barrel for home defense/turkey and longer one for wing shooting. Like getting 2 guns in one. shop them hard, cabelas is high on their prices on a daily basis but sales can be ok...
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    I need a gun

    12 gauge shotgun 308 rifle pretty much just covered the lower 48.....
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    West Texas Schools going to 4 Day school week

    Been doing this in NW Oklahoma for awhile, everybody seems to like it. Rural school buses run a long ways and this just dropped a big expense for them, run 4 days a week rather than 5. Saves fuel, wages, wear and tear in addition to the other expenses....helps farm families too, more help...
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    Well Collin County just wasted another $100K

    They don't care if they wreck an innocent persons life.....doesn't cost them anything