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    Commute to Addison?

    I work in Addison/Farmers Branch area (Tollway and Alpha). I work in the office 7am - 4pm. Takes me 20 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes going home - barring no accidents, etc. I use the Waze app and it will redirect me to alternate routes if there any accidents on the Tollway
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    Summer babysitting

    When we hired a summer nanny - 18 yrs old, driving, CPR, First Aid certified - y girls were 8 and 11 at the time. We paid her $10/hr.
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    Finding good Nannies in Frisco - seems to be harder than expected!

    I've used with great success as well. I found a summer nanny for my girls there. I received lots of good applicants.
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    4th grade tutor

    We are currently using Tutor Doctor - They match you with a tutor that will work with your needs and schedule. My 3rd grader is being tutored in math. Our current tutor is a 4th grade math/science teacher - she teaches in Denton ISD. She is in constant...
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    Airfare Advice for Summer Trip

    My family and I do a lot of travel to Seattle (I grew up in Seattle and have family there). Anything under $350 is pretty good, especially if its a direct flight. You might try looking at Alaska Airlines - they usually have pretty good deals on flights to Seattle. If you find something under...
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    People that listen to video/audio on phone in public.

    Same thing with people that use the speaker phone in public...
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    Math Tutor

    I'm looking for a math tutor for my 3rd grader. Anyone have any recommendations? TIA!
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    Its National Dogs Day!

    Annie Murphy
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    Does Frisco allow pet burial at home?

    We have use this service: We opted for cremation for our cat. Considering the circumstances, we were happy with our experience with them. They treated our pet (and us) with a lot of love and respect. I'm sorry you are going through this.
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    WTB a Pug or a Shiba Inu puppy

    If you are interested in adopting a rescue please check out DFW Pug Rescue ( They are a great group and they have lots of pugs available for adoption.
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    When Can I Get Babys Ears Pierced

    A friend who is a doctor recommends this place:
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    My DD (12) and I will be there!
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    Want a New Pedicure Spot

    I go to Serenity Nails (Eldorado by Market Street) for Nexgen.. I pay $35. They have lots of colors to choose from.
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    For those of you who do hiring.....

    Have you tried Linkedin? You can solicit your employees help that have Linkedin accounts to spread the work through their network. You can also purchase job postings on Linkedin. Good luck!
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    What A Great Dog

    My pug Murphy and I are going to our first Pet Manners I class tonight. Murphy is about 4 yrs old and we adopted him about a year ago. He has NO manners whatsover. I took him for a training eval at What A Great Dog and trainer couldn't get him to sit :/ Wish us luck!! We definitely need...