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    AP Human Geography Freshman year HS??

    My son is in it right now and it is hard, but not unmanageable. He is also in all other PAP classes, except foreign language. It is on level with a community college/jr. college class IMO. My son does find it interesting though and if he is not interested that is when he does not do well. He...
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    Runners - Running App

    I use Garmin Connect and my DH uses Run Keeper. My Garmin 620 pairs with GC, which is why I use that app. DH likes music while he runs so he uses Run Keeper. He really likes its ease of use. I think most are free. Try a couple and see what works best for you.
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    What's up with this?

    Those are printed sticky notes, not handwritten. They do it in all Hampton Inns. I think it is just their way to tell you that their duvets aren't gross!!!
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    Carpet Stretching - who to call?

    I used Winston several years ago. He did a good job.
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    Moving Sale ~ Fri & Sat / Preston Vineyards North

    MOVING SALE ~ Preston Vineyards North 7599 Seawood Drive This Friday (9/27) ~ 9 AM - Noon Saturday (9/28) ~ 8:30 AM - 10:30 (or sell out) Dining Room Suite Electronics Housewares Kids Stuff Books Etc. ***Sale will be inside the house so come to the front.***
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    Care flight @ Centennial.

    Hubby said Careflight landed on 50 yard line, loaded patient and took off. Apparently news choppers are all over the area. Prayers to the kid, his family and teammates.
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    Care flight @ Centennial.

    K, can you tell what's going on? I am out of town. K is walking down there. Scary!
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    Coyote Warning

    I saw two last night on my run. They were just hanging out watching the runners, walkers and bikers pass by.
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    So, my dog's Vet told me that she has lymphoma

    We just lost our 13 1/2 year old baby in March to lymphoma. You will know when it is time. Daisy had stopped eating and was very weak. My heart still hurts. It was a very hard thing to go through, so I understand your pain. Love that baby with all you have until it is her time.
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    What can I expect?

    I hope you are doing OK today and your kitty passed peacefully. Our 13.5 year old puppy was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. My DH and DS are taking her for ice cream as we speak. It isn't going to be long. My heart is breaking as I am typing this. Pets are family members that we choose. :-(
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    Go On

    I think it is awesome too. It has been a long time since a smart new comedy popped up. I hope it keeps going strong.
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    Pre-AP classes & High School GPA?

    Not Pre-AP...only Health, Spanish 1A/1B and Algebra.
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    Questions about getting my teen's ears pierced

    I got my ears pierced at LaLobe when I was 8...I am 42 now. Glad to hear they are still around. Back in the dark ages they used a higher quality earring than the mall places. My ears healed very quickly. They also pierced my 2nd hole when I was 13.
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    The Long Island Medium

    LOL 13 year old DS said the SAME EXACT THING. Who watches this stuff???
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    Fostering West Highland terrier, funny days

    Cute puppy and hysterical name! Love that!!!