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    Really, Hollywood?

    I may have some powers, but Hollywood is not one of them.
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    Job Bank

    The Frisco Chamber changed hosting companies, which has resulted in a link breakage. We hope to have it repaired soon.
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    Hot Girl Thread

    You need to stop being over the top. You will receive no more warnings.
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    Off Topic/Misc.

    Those fit within TaT's description.
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    Reporting posts 60 second delay?

    Agree that it's frustrating. If you report a spam and there are multiple by the same user, the extras will be found, if that helps.
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    New to Frisco Online

    You are welcome to post that in the classifieds.
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    Off Topic/Misc.

    Would like to forward, but some examples would help to explain your request.
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    FOL has never allowed responses to classifieds. If they don't supply contact info, and they aren't responding to PMs, it's definitely frustrating when the poster doesn't supply contact information. An upgrade that will help alleviate this is in development, but roll-out date has not been shared.
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    If a thread turns political....

    The moderators cannot read each thread in its entirety. If you see something that is out of place, please report so the moderators can know to investigate.
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    Delete or Edit Classifieds

    Report the post indicating the item was sold and the moderators will be glad to delete it.
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    Garage sale forum

    Excellent suggestion. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.
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    Hi Frisco Girl! The classifieds do not allow responding to posts. If you wish to contact the poster, the only options are PM or to contact them through any information they have provided.