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    Amazon HQ2

    I live in Frisco and do a LOT of business in NW Denver and DFW. I can tell you this, the locals in Denver dont go to the mountains much because it has become a hassle (traffic, cost, tourists,etc). Other than the view of the Rockies, the city is butt ugly brown and dirty. From a business...
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    Leaving a job

    there is no guarantee they wont mark me as "no-rehire" in any event, no requirement to keep them from it even with notice. Screw the employers now - I think people have had it with HR and corporate America being so one-sided.
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    Leaving a job

    the way I see this, I am merely playing by the rules given, if its in my financial interest to take vacation earned, then quit with no notice, perhaps the companies will learn not to screw the employees.
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    Leaving a job

    I work for a large multi-national company that recently changed their policy so that if you are severed or resign you do not receive any of your accrued vacation pay. I plan to accept a job at an other company in the coming weeks and leave this employer. Also, since it is pertinent to the...
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    Toll bills

    so your saying, pay tolls or live with Mexicans?
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    Toll bills

    anyone else feel like the costs to take the taxways (ie..tollways) around Frisco have jumped the shark? I mean, it is ridiculous when a toll road becomes a major household budget item. We work in Irving/Richardson and between the 2 of us and 3 teen drivers I'm spending $400+ month. Also, before...
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    Graduation gift question for HS Senior

    Well, we paid his ticket though he was working, but we took away his car for 3 months.
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    Best Mexican restaurant with a killer outdoor patio?

    Angelina's in The Colony, patio overlooks the lake.
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    Graduation gift question for HS Senior

    Our son is graduating from a FISD school next week. He's overall, a good kid but has given us some trouble in last 2 yrs. Petty theft (had to hire lawyer, a couple speeding tickets, doing dumb stuff), etc. My issue is he feels entitled, thought we haven't spoiled him. I did buy him a small...
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    Selling raw land

    I'm selling our "lot" due to these ridiculous appraisals, I just cant afford to hold it anymore due to taxes. I have an unsolicited buyer, anyone out there working at a title company in Frisco area that can assist? Can a title company provide a simple sales contract and close for me?
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    Political flyer on door

    I looked on the city website and couldn't find an exclusion, however, doesn't matter to me as a voter. Obviously, I don't want junk on my door, thus I wont vote for you.
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    Political flyer on door

    Just a heads up to Frisco politicians or wanna be's, if you put your flyer (actually 2 of them) on my door when I have a "no solicitation" sign from the city, you will not receive a vote from our household. These are a waste anyway, most will be flying around the hood with the current winds and...
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    How Do You Feel About the Growth in the Area?

    move here summer '97, so almost 20 years now. We left Arlington to get away from the traffic and bad schools ;) Well, traffic followed us but schools are much better here. You really cant compare Frisco 1997 to Frisco 2017. in 1997, the growth was centered around Preston/Stonebrook-Rolater area...
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    FISD Class Sizes?

    why don't local schools join the 21st century and start having online learning for a majority of HS and some Jr High courses? One teacher can handle many more students, no classroom needed, etc. Takes some of the brick and mortar out of the equation.
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    VOTE NO: Taxation is Theft

    What the FISD employees will feel in the coming months is exactly what most of us in the real world have been feeling for about 15-20 years. Every year, the budgets are cut, people leave and are not replaced, work is leaped onto the nearest cubicle buddy. There is no fear of people leaving...