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    Global Peace Factory

    It's gone... closed. Looks like a yoga place now.
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    Does Frisco PD want people to hate them?

    Published: 21 October 2014 08:00 AM Updated: 21 October 2014 08:00 AM The Police Department has received a $156,783 Selective Traffic Enforcement Program grant for fiscal 2015 to pay for extra officers and equipment to investigate traffic offenses. This is why they are out giving more...
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    What to expect with an appraisal?

    Exterior measurements, condition does matter but the appraiser should comp with sales that were in similar condition. After measuring, walk through and note the rooms, and updating and/or deferred maintenance. Takes about 30 minutes or so to complete the inspection. Lenders require photos of...
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    Missing Calico Cat

    She came home!!! Yay!
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    Hit and Run - Dog Euthenized

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know it's heartbreaking.. my doxie - same thing in 2002; very sad, hope the driver is located who did this.
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    Missing Calico Cat

    In the Preston Vinyard area, our calico cat got outside on 8-3-2015, from 10112 Concord. Her name is Zeva. Small tail. Adult. Please call 214 578 1147 if found; grace.
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    How to get someone to pay what they owe?

    What a rotten realtor. I hope no one uses them in future transactions.
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    What's new in Frisco?

    I just heard Quaker Steak and Lube shut down... and I am NOT at all surprised..
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    Lost 15 year old chocolate Lab

    Has the pet been found? Where is the local dog pound for Frisco? (check there, maybe they picked him up, I hope) I hope your pet will be found safe.
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    You begin by checking your insurance to see which therapists are covered under the plan; but for a good therapist/counselor, I would recommend Jessica Jerrard for counseling; located over at Ohio/Lebanon. Call to set appoint with her assistant Tina, 214-619-2383. There are other counselors...
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    DO NOT cut up your credit cards!

    And not everyone has their parents giving them $ to buy a house and then be unwilling to repay the parent.
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    Need Great Opthmalogist

    Dr Dennis Goldsberry. Excellent Doctor..
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    Brinkman Ranch construction

    Last week I was at an outdoor event where the little houses and a church were on tour, as well as the museum, near Babes. A volunteer lady at the church told me the owner, Mr Box was putting up a berm so that his house could not be visible from Main, as he was tired of traffic slowing to view...
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    Did Frisco join the ranks of the other white trash bedroom communities in DFW last Tuesday?

    So, he would call me trash because my daughter and I went to Shops of Legacy last night to drink hot chocolate... we should have been asleep. We love the shops of legacy... Priscilla really liked the pretty trees all lit up. Good memory for us.
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    Did Frisco join the ranks of the other white trash bedroom communities in DFW last Tuesday?

    you are CRAZY! I know of folks who have stayed out that late who do NOT EVEN DRINK!!!!. They like to listen to music, socialize or go out with their spouse. Not everyone goes to bed at 8 pm.