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    2016 Presidential election

    I see who is gonna be the first on the Muslim registry.
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    2016 Presidential election

    I see who is gonna be the first on the Muslim registry.
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    Spring break

    My husband and I grew-up in the north. We love to ski. Our kids had never been skiing before last year. Our daughter (12) didn't want to go, because she didn't want to be cold all day. We took our two boys to Vail/Beaver Creek and they loved it. Did an all day ski school the first day for...
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    2016 FOL College Football Pick 'Em

    I logged in from my phone yesterday and made my picks. Checked again this morning and now it says I didn't make any picks!!! WTH I think you are afraid of me and somehow delete my picks from time to time. LMAO:rolllaugh:
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    Friday confessions

    I confess i love having someone come to my house and do things while i sit on my fat butte and watch the Olympics. I confess that I'm not above bribery with delicious dairy treats to get some lazy painter motivated. <giggle> I confess that I have yelled at the athletes wwwaaayyyyyyyy...
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    2016 FOL College Football Pick 'Em

    Im in. Not missing any weeks this time around.
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    What’s your pick......

    Shops at Legacy.....Coal vines as well.
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    Friday fess'ups

    I confess that soccer season has officially started, and like Van.....I am a carpool for soccer after work Every. Single. Friggin'. Night. (and two a days on weekends) I confess that if we are still in a drought it is because my kids (and all the soccer kids) are having to drink a swimming...
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    Subsidization has now reached high school.

    I agree with Lucas. I don't mind paying the fees for my kids to play soccer, football, band, drama club, etc....that's MY kids getting the experience. Having to pay a fee even if they arent attending is just wrong. sell tickets, bake sales (if they are allowed to do them anymore), car washes...
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    Question for those with kids in rec soccer.

    I have a 15 yo son that plays club/academy soccer. During this time of year, the club teams are off. A lot of them will play indoor soccer or futsol to keep skills and touches on the ball, without having to be outside in the heat. This was the case with us when he was between 10-13. I know...
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    Friday Confessions!

    Here's the "lie" that you said copy and pasted from another thread..."I would say the same of ANY environment that raises a child in a morally wrong and defiant lifestyle." So you keep telling yourself how innocent you are and try to play the persecuted victim yourself. You bring it on...
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    Friday Confessions!

    I'm sorry......I'll play nice nice on here. (tucks tail and curls up on blanket in corner) ETA I know I can bat my puppy eyes at you. I KNOW how that works on you......LOL
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    Friday Confessions!

    I confess that I'm a smart-:censored:, most of the time. But when you state my household is immoral during the posts about my kids.....yeah, that makes me think that you have a superiority complex about your morals when you have no idea what mine, or anyone else's are.
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    Happy Hour

    Dang it!!!! I was gonna wear my beanie. Now I have to rethink my entire ensemble.
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    Friday Confessions!

    I confess that I haven't taken much time to be on here the past year or so. I confess that I think, in the spirit of the happy hour, that we need to start a drinking game. Everytime Lucas talks about his superior morals, we all take a shot.